The Horde isn’t Bad, We just have Issues.

I hear this all the time, the Horde are the bad guys of WoW. I’m sick of defending my faction. We’re not bad people….we just got issues. Ok alot of issues.

Orcs- They had an addiction problem. They were addicted to Demon’s blood, and hey who can blame them I heard it tasted like a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks, and I would do a little Genocide of those Space Goat Douchebags for free Mochas. Well they broke free went to Demons Blood Anon. Now they just have a wee bit of an Anger Management problem…..Goosefrabba.

Blood Elves – Addicted to Magic, alot of addiction issues with the horde. They are also a little arrogant, but if my butt was that small, and my hair that flowing, and luxurious…. I’d be an arrogant mofo too.  So they are a little Narsicisstic.

Forsaken – A little Goth I do admit, and yeah so they like to eat human flesh.  I heard it tastes like chicken.  I guess if your city was underground, you would have depression issues too.

Goblins – Might have a little Greed thing going on, and might be a little sociopathic. But hey their small and cute, so what if they like to take your kneecaps out if you don’t pay. They say the love of money is the root of all evil….I say the root is somewhere in the Slums of Orgrimmar.

Troll – These Rastafarians are addicted to marijuana. I’m just saying what everyone knows….It’s implied damn it…..implied.

Tauren – Damn Hippie Non Showering Stinky Bastards….Just saying.

So yeah Horde is not Bad, we’re just misfits in this crazy mixed up world of Azeroth.

5 Responses to “The Horde isn’t Bad, We just have Issues.”

  1. Trolls are scary mofos too.

    I ❤ me some trolls 😀

  2. Really, what are the BELFs doing with the horde anyhow?

    BTW, my priest’s name for the guild is Beebs – put me upon your friends list so the next time when I login I can get a guild invite. I don’t want to do anymore questing, etc without being in the guild. Wouldn’t want to waste all my precious xp.

    • Don’t have to wait for me….Just logon, do a /who lowlife, and anyone in the guild can invite you. Lately seems people on at all times.

  3. I always remind people that the Alliance is the bad guys, especially Night Elves. Just about everything bad that has ever happened to Azeroth has a Night Elf at the heart of it.

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