Tales of a Tanking Bitch

We’re back, this time as a Goblin Warrior.  I have to say I am mildly refreshed that they changed around some of the dungeons now. The Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and a few others aren’t what I expected, some new bosses, and some new surprises.

Wailing Caverns still long as hell though…..sigh.

So last night ran Shadowfang Keep, with a couple guildies. Besides, my awesome guildies if I do say so myself, there was a mage who I will call Whiny, and a Pally who I will call Needy. Whiny started in asking if he could have all the linen, and wool….HAHA…AH…No.  Well Needy was Needing everything. On the first boss he needed a cloth item, and Whiny immediately started to whine.  Whiny did have a point, but I was thinking this gear will outlive its usefulness in a few levels, why bitch about it. Also how many times have I seen SFK, that day alone…yeah lots.  Like I said though Whiny was right what’s right, is right. Though Whiny was pissing me off by pulling aggro every two seconds, I bit my tongue.  

So I tried to boot Needy. It says I couldn’t for 7 minutes, that’s weird. WTF really…why not?  Well Whiny was whining, and Needy just kept it up. At this point I just wanted to get done with the dungeon, but lo and behold Needy left on his own accord….Yes!

But Whiny still kept whining, and pulling aggro, *sigh* the things a Tank has to put up with.

5 Responses to “Tales of a Tanking Bitch”

  1. hehe, whiny and needy, two of the most annoying dwarfs ever, so annoying that they got left out of the movie

  2. I gotta start Stabby this weekend. I want to see the Goblin area!! I know you do not need a rogue but too bad. :P. I was off in Vegas this weekend so no WoW. Also been busy trying to level everything all at once. Mostly just my main DK.

    • Actually we don’t have many rogues either….fricking tons of hunters LOL!

      • I got Fiegn Death yesterday and almost pissed myself laughing. That’s why we have so many hunters. Just like Alliance has shit ton of Worgan rogues and Druids. People flock to Goblin hunters and Warlocks

  3. Yeah, they were both pissing me off. I actually didn’t heal the Pally at all, but those damn pallies can just heal themselves… Jerks! 😉

    The Mage irritated me too. I should have to heal him just as much as my tank. Although, I didn’t mind as much because I at least got to do something lol. You weren’t taking much damage that my earth shield an healing totem couldn’t handle 😉

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