Tanks…You’re Welcome

We got alot of DPS running around my guild, and even though I am working on my warrior tank all this DPS is outpacing me. So after some thought, I decided to put my mage on the shelf, and get to work on my Paly tank, make the offspec Healing. Which is another thing we are lacking in my guild.

It’s not a huge sacrifice really, even though I LOVE the mage class, I am really a Tank at heart. I was a tank in Vanilla/BC/Wrath, and I was a tank in Warhammer Online. What can I say I like things beating on me, and I love looking at crotches, and I’m looking at you Gruul.

So I’ll keep working on the Warrior, but I’ll be doing some quests on my Pally Tankadin, trying to get two sets of armor together one for tanking. 

Once I get my Tanks all geared out, and ready to go I’ll return to my Mage, and get him up to speed. 

Found this wonderful resource for us Pally Tanks on Maintankadin

One Response to “Tanks…You’re Welcome”

  1. I’m thinking hard (I said hard) about moving my Shaman over as healer. I could load him up with BoAs and cash. I do love Elemental on him but he is dual specced healer. Actually, he is no spec right now. Those BoAs could come in handy at the cost of $50 tho

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