Grinding out the XP.

Here are just some of my observations of this weekend of grinding this out.

MAGE- I hit 81 with him finally, upwards and onwards

1. Although the phasing stuff is kind of cool, if you have multiple alts it would get tiresome indeed.

2. Why do I kill an 80 mob in Northrend I get about 200xp, then I kill an 80 Mob in new zone I get 4k?

3. I still hate quests, if it was more feasible I would just kill mobs, but questing is quicker.

4. DPS queues still suck for Dungeon Finder.

 5. Having mobs respawn fast then you can kill them can make things quite hectic.

6. Having mobs on top of you and below you can make thing quite hectic as well.

7. It’s nice to take my time to level, I don’t feel pressured at all.


I switched my Warrior to Prot Spec, and just farming instances right now. The little goblin is level 19. 

 Some Prot Warrior Observations…

1. Tank Queues almost instant for the win!

2. Taunt is my best friend at the low levels.

3. It’s pretty funny having all Goblins in your party, or in a BG when an army of goblins attacks.

4. Deadmines….It’s not the Deadmines I’m use to…That’s for damn sure. Where’s Edwin at damn it ?!?!?

5. Wailing Caverns…still long as fuck.

6. Instance leveling alot faster, and more fun for me then doing quests.

Well there ya go just some random observations for you.

5 Responses to “Grinding out the XP.”

  1. Wait til you get a Shadowfang keep queue…. the first boss there is… uh… interesting.

  2. BFD is long and boring still too. SM library seemed extra hard but that may have been due to the nuggets I was running with in LFG.
    As for Goblins in BG – nothing is cuter than 10 trikes driving up to the Alliance base in WSG. Its a mini convoy.

  3. First off, you said:

    2. Why do I kill an 80 mob in Northrend I get about 200xp, then I kill an 80 Mob in new zone I get 4k?

    This link explains it:

    I agree that the phasing is going to be hella annoying for leveling alts. You have to do entire zones, not just quest hubs. Sigh.

  4. I disagree with the “levrling in instances is quicker than quests” thing. If you stick to the new revamped areas the quests are simple and give buttloads of exp. Example: Stonetalon is revamped and I quested for 30minutes. I leveled from 28 to 29 turned in quests and hit 30. 30 minutes to go from 28-30 is hellva lot faster than instances. Just like the difference between Northrend and new Azeroth areas. Blizzard gives you a huge bonus to do new shit.

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