Weekly Lagout

Sorry this is a little late in coming, My brother just had a Gastric Bypass, He’s a big guy with diabetes problems so he needed it no doubt. He’s doing good, and a whole helluva alot of pain.

Well on to the lagout…

WoW – Just Jamming out with my guildies, my Goblin Warrior is rocking out the BG’s in the Arms spec. He’s 15, and able to do dungeons, I might go Prot, and just do an asston of instances, or just stay Arms until Duel Spec at 30. My Mage is grinding out XP when he can, Little thing I do is the 3 quick dailies at Shadow Vault in Northrend. They earn 22kxp, the new quests you get bout 27kxp, but those dailies are easy as hell.  I also finally found the Throne of Tides entrance. Go to Val’shyr, then head to the Abyssal Depths, just go to the Whirlpool, and go down it. There it is. Got me my Seahorse too.

High Latency Love-

This week I’m going to give some love to my guildies of the Latency Lowlifes, guild chat is always buzzing, and making me laugh. I look forward to many adventures with all of you. Like true Lowlife’s they pick up on my bad behavior, instead of congratulationing each other when someone gets an achievement, in true Lowlife form we say, “Meh” 

Something Funny –

The Worst Starcraft General

With that –


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. *digs self out of gaming coma*

    Ok, I’ll be back at work on Monday, I’ll see what kinda post I can come up with. To be honest I have so much floating in my mind with all the new stuff I really don’t have anything specific to discuss… but we’ll see. 🙂

    But yeah, I’m still alive and stuff…

    OH and i should be making my priest tonight 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, my work schedule is such a cockblock that I don’t get to enjoy much guild chat because i’m usually on when no one else else. But its okay because I talk to myself in guild chat and make myself laugh all the time. Bahah haha oh man I crack myself up.

  3. Well during New Years – we were drinking while playing and some how the Meh turned into Weh lol so now we say Weh 😛

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