My Dirty Warlock

I got to say thanks for the little tips people gave me. I am really enjoying Warlock PvP as of late in the lower BG brackets. (I’m level 34). Spamming Curse of Exhaustion, my DOTS, and draining life like it was my job, because it is. Using my Succubus, keeps others busy seduced while I kill my main target. I am having more fun because, I’m always moving, casting, jumping around like a darn fool.  Unlike the mage where I plant myself, and be a cannon, blasting fools. It’s definitely a different play style then a mage.

A Little PvP Analysis.

WoW PvP may not be your cup of tea, and that’s ok. I played alot of PvP in my lifetime from DAOC, WAR, to here WoW. 

Things about WoW PvP you should know…

Rock/Paper/Scissors – WoW PvP seems like a giant game of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Where one class, beats another class, and that class can beat another class. I think this is getting better, but we’re not quite there yet.

Gear – It’s very gear dependent, especially melee classes, but with some nice craftables out there, and some nice enchants things aren’t that bad.

Spec – What spec you are makes a world of difference, I changed to Affliction spec on my Warlock, and I’m having 100 times more fun.  Luckily you get duel spec at 30 now for only 10g.

There is no “I” in Team – Still got to work together folks, and that’s the crux of the problem, most people don’t, and that’s when you lose.

 In other news – I got a Lil’Ragnaros, and he’s the bomb…he says “by fire be purged”, and I get a semi-chubby.

One Response to “My Dirty Warlock”

  1. Semi-chubby? Does the Mrs. know?

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