Tough Decision Made.

Back in the day, when a captain wanted to sack an important ship, he would burn his own to force his men to fight all the more to take the new ship.

Cataclysm is upon us, or will be tomorrow at 12:01am. I was thinkng about what I should do about my main’s horde guild. I think I should take my leave of them. I started my own guild, and if I want to take it seriously, I must really invest in it.

Attitude reflects Leadership” is a line from the movie Remember the Titans, If I am to be this guild leader, I must have the proper attitude, and give it my all. If it fails, it does, but it will not be from me not trying my best, or not giving my all. If I want this guild taken seriously, then I must take this guild seriously.

So I’ll be working on my Goblin Warrior, as well as getting my mage to 85, then comes the Pally to 85, then I’ll finish the Warlock. I’m looking forward to some fun times in Cataclysm.

6 Responses to “Tough Decision Made.”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    So is this a real guild you are leading?

    • Yep Latency Lowlifes. Load up the WoW, and get back into the game. I got my own vent server if you just want to pop in and say what’s up, and scream at me like our old arena days. LOL!

  2. Bee (if she ever gets in the guild) and o are officers. That means it will be a hoot, chaos, asses, elbows, maybe breasts, love, joy, diarrhea, dedication, pride, sausage pizza, and a fricken great time!

  3. I will be joining up once cataclysm goes live tonight. I can’t wait to talk to you guys on vent.

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