My Guild is Awesome Sauce.

I've always prescribed to a diet rich in "Vitamin Cool."

There has been a lot of talk around here lately about guilds. Riv’s been doing some guild profiling and Chinese Finger Trap High Latency Lowlifes is in full swing.

I thought it high-time for me to speak about my guild and what I find so appealing about it.

I love to list things, and the reasons I love my guild will be no exception…

So here we go… in no particular order:

My guild is full of regular-ass people. Nobody in the guild takes the game too seriously, but then no one takes it too casually. We try to learn our classes to the best of our abilities, ask for advice/criticism and heed to those comments. We take on current content and PvP quite regularly to stay sharp. There are few feelings I enjoy more than joining a BG with a group of guildmates and working together to achieve victory.

There is a loyalty that they have being real-life friends that is hard to come by in other guilds. The majority of the members live within walking distance of one another. When I visited them in July that was one of the things that made an impression on me the most. I mean, shit, my best friend lives 20-minutes-by-car from me. They have a kinship of sorts and that leads to hilarious vent conversations, stories of debauchery in years past and, most of all, gives me a chance to get to know each of them on a deeper level then you think you would be able to get to know someone online.

Check out this mutherfrackin badass guild tabard:


There is a quest item that showcases the name of the guild. The Horn of the Ancient Mariner will always have a place in my heart bag.  I also love the opportunity to randomly share the quest with unsuspecting party members. 

Last year one guild member decided to organize a “Level 80 in Greens” tournament of champions. We were restricted to only wearing items in our chest, wrist, feet, legs and weapon slots and, as the title suggests, they all had to be green items. When the date arrived we ventured to Nagrand and proceeded to duel one another tournament style in The Ring of Trials. One guild member did not participate, citing something about how “we are nubs” or something of that nature. I assumed he was just a giant pussy. The tournament went off well (our guild’s main mage the victor), and we continued to mess around in the arena. I asked said mage for a rematch, and we began battle. Suddenly – from the abyss – appears a cat druid, clawing away my poor fragile Priest’s diminished hitpoints. After an embarrassing two-shot demise of my priest, he moved on to finish off the rest of the participants. There was much bloodshed. However, vent was filled with laughter. It was our non-participating guildmate. He had planned it all along.

I could regale you with many more stories of the goodtimes I’ve had, but I shall leave that for another day perhaps. I’ll end by saying that yesterday I logged in and saw 7 guild members online. I almost passed out. It has been close to 6 months since I’ve seen that many. They are coming back. Cataclysm is coming.

I can’t fucking wait.

5 Responses to “My Guild is Awesome Sauce.”

  1. Rock on River! I swear man, like 95% of the posts around these days are about Cataclysm, 4 days and counting!

  2. One thing I keep in my bag ALWAYS (for real) is Rabbit feet.. When I first started playing my Huntard of the Horde.. very first character.. A nice guy was helping me with quests and things.. and he said that the Rabbit Foot gave you luck in rolls and stuff.. He said it was a secret blizzard trick. LOL. So anyways I figured it could not hurt. Of course I still roll 99 and get outrolled by 100’s so maybe I should dump them..

  3. Awesome event and end to the event from someone in guild rampaging on everyone haha

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