Warlock PvP

I am level 30, and just venturing into PvP. I must be doing something wrong, cause I suck at it. Mage is simple, I cast frostbolts until things die, cs when I can, and basically avoid mofos.

At 30, I got one fear, and that takes forever to cast.

Some things I have no clue about.

What pet do I use? The Succubus, The Felguard (I’m demo spec), or the Felhunter?

Is demo spec bad for PvP?  Should I be a different spec when I pvp lower level. When I hit 40 I’m so going duel spec.

After I cast my curses, banes, and corruption, should I be using shadowbolt, or another offensive spell? Am I using the wrong spells, and spell rotations for PvP?

How do I avoid these people when fear takes to long to cast? Is there another spell that slows people down, I’m not seeing.

I love PvE on a ‘Lock, it’s easy as pie, but PvP is a creature of a different color. This is why I gave up on Warlocks, the concepts involved may not fit my play style…which is suicidal.

8 Responses to “Warlock PvP”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    Dot, dot, dot, IWin button. Rinse repeat.

  2. Dual spec is available at level 30 now, and costs 10g I believe.

  3. It’s been a long time since I was a low-level warlock. YMMV.

    I was affliction for both PvP and PvE (but I did have slightly different specs for boht).

    At level 30, for PvP (and I would still choose affliction), I’d spec like so: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#Idhro (putting my next two available points into improved fear).

    Curse of Exhaustion will slow your enemies, so you’ll want that on everyone. Your siphon life talent will allow your corruption to heal you, so spread that shit on everything red. It’s instant cast, so seriously. EVERYTHING. CORRUPTION ON ALL THE THINGS.

    I’d probably go with succubus for the CC, although Felhunter is also a pretty amazing pet in PvP as it eats buffs (it still eats buffs, doesn’t it?). As affliction, of course, you won’t have the option of a felguard.

    I am TERRIBLE at PvP, but I actually kind of wrecked shit as an afflock.

  4. I played Affliction with the Voidey. His shield was a godsend at that level. I could kick ass on anything my level. Let’s you get those fear casts off.

    I play Demo now at 80. Just stun, Hand of Goddamn, Monster Twirl, dot dot dot.. lol. It’s kinda fun but Locks are tough when someone gets in your face and you dont have a good cooldown to shove at them.

    Lately I have enjoyed my Druid cat bleed spec. Nice to watch the big ticks on people with no Rez. Kinda easy to die as a cat though.. I am not very good at PVP and can not escape everything like the good Druids.

  5. Warlocks are not supposed to stand there and pew pew pew. You have to dot EVERYTHING and then fear it.

    You know, just to be an ass.

    The voidwalker is nice for the shield, but that is about all he is good for. The felguard is great for his intercept. It will stun those nasty people that are spewing stuff at you. The succi will seduce and thus CC other players, so she is really nice. The felpuppy is awesome. Not only does he interrupt spellcasting, but he also eats magic.

    Destro is more like a mage for pvp. Lots of burst and yet still have your dots. I know of several warlocks that love destro when they pvp.

    Demo is primarily for your felguard, but you have lots of new toys for it now so it should be good to use. It is almost as bursty as destro.

    Aff is all about the dots. Aff has an ability to reduse the cooldown of your Howl of Terror to instant. If you are going to pvp as aff that is a must have. Curse of exhaustion is also a must have. Improved fear is pure win. Fearing someone and creating another dot just makes it even more evil and fun.

    Like you when I first started trying to pvp on my warlock I wanted to stand there and cast shadow bolt. DO NOT DO THIS. Your job is to be sneaky, dot everything you can (especially unstable affliction on casters) and run away. Then come back when they have forgotten you and dot dot dot them up again.

  6. Also, possibly keep in mind that low level matchups are kinda broken right now and may not be fixed anytime soon.

    I read some blue text somewhere that the developers realize this but their main effort has been poured into making sure things are a mostly level playing field at 80/85 – not in the lower levels.

    I assume this is why 30-49 bgs feel like !!STABBY STABBY ROGUE HELL!!

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