Focus on Guilds: My Guild, My Rules

In Cataclysm I decided to take on leading my own guild, for good or ill, but we need focus, and some base rules.

I am resurrecting the Guild, Realm, Self motto that inspired me, and others back in the day.

Guild – You wear the tag, you wear the tabard, but what does it mean to you? For me make a contribution whether it’s helping guildies, or maybe it’s passing on that slight upgrade for yourself when it would be a huge upgrade for someone in your guild. To think about your actions. Be proud of your guild, and it’s accomplishments. To often I see people complaining about this or that within a guild, I say take charge, take ownership of your guild, make your own events, lead your own raids.  Bottom line is we’re a team, each with a role to play, and no role in unimportant.  In my guild there will be no charging of fellow guildies of any gold for crafting stuff, for example if Scary wants a robe, he’s responsible for getting the mats, but I can craft it for free. There will be no charge. That kind of thing.

Realm – Build relationships with your realm mates. Help them when you can. Don’t just ride by watch a lowbie get ganked in STV, help them out. Who knows you might make a new friend. I want to build alliances again where we could do events together. I want the screams of “FOR THE HORDE” be heard all over the server once more.

Self – Take ownership in your own toons. Read forums, and blogs. Learn your classes. Grow in that class. Have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Take pride in yourself. I would rather you ask me for gold, or to get you a gem for your helm if you don’t have gold, then go ungemmed because when people see that it reflects bad on yourself, and the guild.

Bottomline, I want to build memories, and friendships. I don’t remember the loot I got, but I remember the funny and good times I shared with my guildies. I want to bring that back, I want to bring pride back in the game, and try to weed out the greed, and avarice that this game sometimes induces.

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