Blogging Carnival – Gold Making Strategies for Cataclysm

That time of month where Markco has his Blogging Carnival, this months topic “What is your Cataclysm gold making strategy?”

I’ve been thinking alot about this lately, I had to rethink my paradigm’s. I’m going to toss the ideas I’ve been thinking about, and hit you with them.

1. People Power-leveling Professions – New Expansions bring new alts. So mid-level mat’s are going to play a big role. I feel Northrend/Outland Mats will be more premium as people won’t be heading to those areas as much. Also alot of professions have sticky points at ranges where they need alot of a mats, figure out those sticky points, and you might see yourself making a bit of gold.

2. Enchanting – I think Enchanting is going to be rather lucrative. Lots of new gear means people will be needing lot’s of new enchants.

3. Bags – New Toons, mean we need more bags, look at Abyssal Bags, large slot size, and mats not bad to either.

4. Portals – It’s good to be a mage, and with the removing portals from Dalaran/Shattrah, and at 10g a shot for 5 seconds of work. That’s a gold to time ration a dress-wearer loves.

5. Enhancement Items – Like Belt Buckles, Leg Armor, Threads, for the same reason I feel enchants will be making money, these will too. New gear means they need to Enhance as well.

Think Outside the Box –

Crafted Gear – I was thinking you could make a bit of gold of of crafted gear, but Miss Mediocre covered it way better than I could so check her out.

Low-Level Dungeon Runs – Make your tank work for you, and run all these new low level toons through dungeons…for a fee of course.

Somethings to avoid –

Copper/Linen/ Light Leather – I think with all the new lowbie toons running around,  I think this market will be flooded.

Epic crafting – with new gear coming down the pike who’s gonna want ICC crafted stuff, though you might get Primordial Saronite dirt cheap…don’t get tempted into it.

Of course these thoughts are just that, and until Cataclysm hits we got to see what trends, and things actually do work, but it’s good to go into war with a battle plan, and to quote the movie Rising Sun, “Business is War.”

6 Responses to “Blogging Carnival – Gold Making Strategies for Cataclysm”

  1. “3. Bags – New Toons, mean we need more bags, look at Abyssal Bags, large slot size, and mats not bad to either.”

    I had a bunch of netherweave bolts I had saved up from when I was doing my Netherwing rep runs for the mount. I have blown through most of my reserves already! As quick as I can get the bags on the AH they are selling.

    Troll druids and Tauren pally’s FTW. 🙂

  2. I doubt your gold per run of noobs through instances will compare with daily quests or even grinding top level mobs; I can usually rack up several hundred gold in an hour and no noob is going to pay that.

    Bags are always, always, always good.

    And mini pets are a good little business – visit the guy out in Outlands that sells them, stick ’em on the AH for 100% profit. Don’t sell more than two of each type at a time but they will sell eventually.

    • True but I usually run dungeons on my tank for mats for my enchanter so why not bring a couple noobs with me for extra gold, and tell them all greens go to you.

      • Legolas4Life Says:

        I died at level 60 or 70, I forget which, inside the Wailing Caverns after wiping the place for someone. I fell from somewhere high and splat! It was pretty embarrassing.

  3. Thanks for the tips chief!

  4. I’m glad someone else was thinking crafting lowbie gear could possibly make some gold! 😀 I like your idea of taking low level alts along on your farming runs through dungeons for a bit of extra gold! It may not make you more gold than dailies or grinding rep, but I’m sure the low level characters will appreciate it, especially if you charge a reasonable fee! Also, I agree with your crafting bags idea! I’d saved up a bunch of Netherweave bags and sold all of them just after The Shattering for way more than their average AH price. There will be so many more characters come Dec 7 that I don’t know if it would be possible to make too many bags, lol.

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