Weekly Lagout

Well it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m stuffed to the gills with food. So my brain is shutting down from a food coma. If you’re a shopper there are tons of deals for us gamers out there so have fun with that, as for me I’m going on a glutton of playing my favorite MMO’s….right after a nap.

WoW – Just working on my Warlock, and waiting for Cataclysm to hit so I can begin my Goblin Warrior. Last night as I was playing around with my Warlock in the new STV, a big bad rogue ganked me a couple of times. That’s it. I got the Pally. I unloaded on him, and any other Alliance scum I came across. They called the Storm, and I brought it.

WAR– Just grinding renown….what I always do. LOL!

High Latency Love-

Well Tomorrow marks the 6 month mark since Bee joined me here. Let’s flashback many moons ago. I wanted a breath of fresh air on my blog, I felt my writing has grown more stale than usual. So I was on the look out for someone to join me in my madness. Then someone named Bee almost out of nowhere started commenting on my blogs. I didn’t know who she was, I didn’t even know if she was a dude, or a girl. All I knew of her was from her comments, and I have to admit they always made me think, or laugh.  When I found out she was a girl, that was a pure win, cause maybe the damn feminists would leave me alone. LOL!

So I took a chance, and suckered.. convinced her to try out blogging. Since then she has made nothing but a positive impact here at HLL, and the Blogosphere.

Here’s a little highlight reel…

Bee first joins the Maelstrom with this post…

I really enjoyed our debating series… about PvE/PvP, and our gender discussions..

I found it fascinating the secret life of female gamers.  and there unique set of issues.

I hope she enjoys her experiences as a blogger, and her time here at HLL.  I would like to thank her for making a great contribution to the blog, and going above and beyond my expectations, also thank her for picking up the slack when I was laying about being a bum in the hospital. I look forward to the future, and what Cataclysm will bring to your posts. So show some High Latency Love to Bee.

Show Scary some love too, cause he was patient as hell trying to get in my guild.

Also if you want to reroll horde for Cataclysm, come on over to Azgalor and join the Latency Lowlifes.

Something Funny…

When I had to go get my Pally in STV made me think of this song… 

With that…


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. This is so incredibly sweet. 🙂

    I have much enjoyed my time here so far at High Latency Life. I appreciate you giving me a place to write down some of my musings and allowing me to get MORE involved in a game that I was probably already way to invovled in. 🙂

  2. Why don’t you two just snog and be done with it.

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