Stranger in a Strange Land.

I miss you already

So the World is Shattered. I do like the changes, it will refresh the game, and allow me to play a new alt in a different manner. Alas this is going to take some getting use to, but I do have some bones to pick.

Like for instance, Really was there a need to get rid of the Portals in Shattrah, I mean how am I going to get to city’s fast now as a noob alt. Luckily I got all my alts out of that city before the patch dropped.

Well I logged into my Mage, and sniffed around Orgrimmar, it was all different to me, and couldn’t really wrap my head around it last night at the time. I decided to work on my Paladin.

I logged into my Pally, and had to reapply my talents. I logged out last time at Light’s Hope Chapel, cause I was working on my Argent Dawn Reputation, Every Pally should have the Argent Crusader title.  So I logged on.

Redid my talents, looked up…Where the hell is Lights Chapel?  Ok Don’t panic…..Why the hell is there Mithril in the Eastern Plaguelands…Well might as well mine it.

Strange Mithril I thought in the Eastern Plaguelands, Well Lets take a look around….What the hell……Mobs are 45ish, and where the heck did the Eastern Gate of Stratholme go. To the Map….

Oh boy things have changed, don’t worry once I get into Strat things will be ok. I entered Strat…Who the hell are these Brotherhood of Light fellows.  I got some quests from them, hell gold is gold.  I noticed one quest to kill the Baron, showed a picture of the Baron, like I’ll miss him or something. The Mobs in here are lower too. less gold…grrrrr. Lots of Mageweave though. So I went through, little worried cause at 40 something they should be dropping like flies, weren’t really. Got to Baron, he looks like a stupid Death Knight now, I want my Old Baron back!!!

When all said and done I got my Scourgestones, I headed back to the new Lights Chapel. Ok….Where the hell do I turn all these stones in. I looked and looked nothing, so in frustration I logged.

For those who are just as confused as I am with Orgrimmar, this is a map with some NPC’s on it.  from WoWphiles.

I understand why Blizzard did this, but change just for the sake of change is not always good. Sometimes leaving a bit for nostalgia is not a bad thing. I will continue to explore, and look around but so far, I’m not really too happy thus far. But as Lothar of the Hill People said, “It is a new thing, therefore I must fear it, and reject it”

10 Responses to “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

  1. Does he still drop the mount? Oh please say he does. 6 years and I have not seen his mount drop. I’ll quit right now. Bitch ass Blizzard and change. Back in my day it took 10 people to kill the Baron

  2. AV is totally f-ed, btw.

    I got into one last night… all the captains are 85 elites…. hitting ICC 25 man gear Tanks for 100,000k a shot.

    I was 3 shotted by the archers in the towers that are level 84. I have full wrathful gear.

    The only kinda cool thing about it – is that it is a total resource battle. At one point SH tower had 85% of the players in it. One big light show of AOE.


    Gamon is like totally Pro now.

    He is a level 85 elite and has over a million HP. We had a hunter kite him around the Valley of Strength (he is still slow as molasses, but will one shot you if he catches up with you).

    I took some screenshots as I have considered doing a post on it tomorrow… but probably not. 🙂

  4. I’m not really feeling some of the changes. Monday I logged out in Burning Steepes on my Ally druid. Tuesday I log in to find I’m in the prision in Black rock depths. I honestly don’t even remember this in there before but it’s been years since I did that dungeon. So I hearth to Shatt only to find all the portals gone!!! 😡 So I portal to moonglade only to fly to Rutheran and catch a boat to SW. It took forever and I’m really not pleased.
    And for the bg’s in AB it flashes in huge yellow dead centre – Snickerpuss assualted the Farm etc. over and over. It was overkill and annoying. And I’m the type that hates to go into interface to figure out how to turn it off.

  5. Portals going bye bye seems to be the biggest complaint. Honestly, I can understand their motivations behind that decision. Still, I don’t think they should have gotten rid of the portals until flying is enabled in Azeroth. Just saying.

    • I think you are on the right track there. It’s going to be infinitely easier to get around with flying mounts.

      The other 2 reasons?

      For one I think they did it to make it more reminicent of Vanilla WoW. I really feel they’ve made it too easy to level up. Maybe a bit of going “back to their roots.”

      And secondly, and probably more of the reason – they want more faction loyalty. I think they want people not to be hanging around in sancutaries. I think the feel of this expansion is supposed to be more Horde vs. Deathwing or Alliance vs. Deathwing – and Alliance vs. Horde. Then all of us against the Scourge and the Lich King.

  6. Legolas4Life Says:

    Who in the flying fuck is Lothar of the Hill people?

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