Focus on Guilds: Guild Profile -Choice

In my focus on guilds, I will be doing profiles on guilds, and help them spread the word they need a hand. Once in a while a guild links some post of mine to their forums, and I get a little hit back. Usually it’s some tips, a how-to, or other strategic post. Choice guild linked my “Are you a girl test”…That got me more curious than usual, so I thought I would reach out to them, and say Hi, and see if they wanted to be in the grandiose experiment. They graciously accepted.

1. What is your name,your role in the guild, the name of your guild, what server are you on, and is it horde or alliance? Also do you have a website, if yes what is it?

My name is Fugara, and I am the GM of Choice, our Alliance guild on Skywall. Our website is

2. Can you tell us a short history of your guild?

Choice was formed on September 9th, 2008 from a core group of friends and family that have been raiding together on and off since the release of Vanilla WoW. The founding members were originally Horde, but rerolled Alliance on Skywall to escape a very overpopulated server, and experience a different side of the game. Combined, we have experienced up to AQ40 (WoW), and up to Black Temple (TBC). As a guild we completed up to Zul Aman before WoTLK released. While working on heavy recruitment at the start of WoTLK, we cleared Sartharion with 15 people our first week of real wrath raiding, and up to Thaddius soon after. Once our core group of raiders were formed, we continued to conquer content. Ulduar and ToC fell to our might, and we concluded the expansion with 11/12 HM’s in both 10 and 25 man ICC, Currently we have cleared everything but HM LK that the Wrath expansion pack has to offer, and we’re finishing up some non-hm achievements to get folks their drakes, while waiting for Cataclysm.

3. How would you describe your guild, and what is the focus of your guild (i.e. Raiding, PvP, etc)

Choice is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, which makes it difficult to lead sometimes. You have folks from two different sides of the raiding spectrum. Some members wouldn’t go to sleep at night if they still had something to kill, while others wouldn’t mind taking a break from time to time. This makes for a very active roster of fun (and sometimes naughty!) folks who love to raid with their serious hats on, but also know’s when its time to goof around and let loose. The members here are reasonable folks that compromise and communicate well with the rest of the team. Most guilds claim to have a “team”, but when you join them you realize quickly that they’re just full of a lot of loud obnoxious cooks, with too many hands in their pot of stew. We find a good balance of communication from the raiders, and direction from officers. Or at least, we try too. And that’s more you can say about other guilds.

Most GM’s feel it’s an obligation to say the best sugar-coated things about their guild to get as many quality members as they can. I don’t have too. I honestly *know* every raider on our roster is individually a quality player, and understands their class and its mechanics very well. We make our mistakes, but we learn from them. Our history and raid experience from the beginning of the guild, to the end of this expansion, speaks for itself.

Our guild is most definitely a PVE raiding guild and that is our focus, although there are a number of members that find PVP and arena’s a special focal point of their play. Although we are on a PST PVE server, we have a decent handful of EST folks that work odd or different shift schedules. During the day its rather quiet, hits it peak at peak times, yet still has a good amount of people on well into the wee hours of the morning either running guild stuff together, running 5 mans, or pvping.

4. Would you say your more casual, hardcore, or little bit of both?

I really really dislike these terms, as over the years, they have accumulated so many definitions from various people. We consider ourselves semi-hardcore. We will never be a server first guild in its totality (although we have gotten some hardmodes and achievements before other raiding guilds on the server) as we are composed of mostly adults with intensive jobs, school schedules, and family lives. (We have an age limit of 16 or older, however, we do not have a raider currently under the age of 18) We have an attendance requirement of 2 out of 3 progression nights a week, that all raiders must adhere to in order to keep their raiding spots, along with performance checks. But unlike most hardcore guilds of the past, we do not push our raid days beyond that, and try not to alter the times of our schedules by too much, so that raiders can still plan their lives on the other 4 days a week, knowing they aren’t letting anyone down by going to a party on Friday night, or working overtime on Tuesday.

5. How do you distribute loot within your guild, any problems with your system, and pluses?

We use EPGP reloaded for EP and GP gain and losses, and use EPGPloot2 for distribution of the gear itself. The only issues we’ve ever run into is blizzard design flaws screwing up the numbers we have given to EP. If you don’t foresee an extra teir of gear in your future (I.E. ToC) you will have to break out the calculators and spreadsheets to fix it. There’s also the problem with random loot being random at the end of tiers, and sometimes the person at the very top of the list cannot spend GP, because the only piece of loot they need won’t drop.
Otherwise, we’ve never ran into huge problems we couldn’t handle with individuals outside of the system. It promotes and rewards attendance, and diminishes the need for hording points if you’re honestly working towards that piece of gear you want.
6 As we head into Cataclysm guilds will play a bigger role, how is your guild preparing for Cataclysm?

Thank the blizzard Gods! It was very hard with all the changes to guilds, raiding, and lock outs to keep the value of the guild where it should be. Luckily for us, we worked through that due to being great players with winning personalities that made others WANT to play with us. I still think that’ll be the case above and beyond the perks to guilds in Cataclysm, but now, it’s a little easier to recruit those who haven’t seen us play, and keep them due to outside perks that we didn’t have before.

As far as prepping for the big day, we’re doing the obvious stuff like guild bank cleaning and roster head counts, etc. But for the most part, we’re just relaxing and having fun. There’s a lot of work to do coming up, both for regular membership and the officers, so we’re taking the time to wind down and find our calm before the storm. We have a great group of core raiders and we just need to make a couple of key additions to that.
7. Have you looked at any guild rewards in Cataclysm, anything you guys will be shooting for?

I have, and as I said in response to the last question, I am very excited for all of them! We’ll be shooting for as many as blizzard, and guild circumstances, will allow us to shoot for!
8. Do you think this new reward system will increase guild loyalty, and decrease guild hoppers?

I certainly hope so! I still think the value of the guild lies in the quality, honesty, and communication of its members, but it’s definitely going to be a lot easier to be one of those players due to the new guild perks, if that makes sense.

Most people hop from guild to guild because they are unhappy with the speed they are getting their instant gratification. If you take away what they earned with their hard work when they /gquit, they are more than likely to second guess that choice if they are decent folks not really motivated by gear alone. But in the end, those people who hop, will still hop back and forth because the safety of untraceable transfers, being able to transfer/race change after only 1 day, and the anonymity of the Internet. In the end, if they can convince themselves the risk is worth the change, they will do it. Unless they do this will all gear/patterns/mounts etc. or up the transfer/race change cooldown, you’ll never fully stop this hopping problem.

9. Any funny, or cool guild stories you would like to share?

There are so many! We’ve had members key in on vent during raids on hilarious phone conversations with their co-workers, many inside jokes made through people’s reactions to fights or buffs/nerfs, bosses we’ve downed with 6 people alive that we never should have, and epic kills that made us whoop and holler in happiness (HM professor putricide anyone?) and we even have a member with a bona fide mullet!  Our raid leader had this one to share:

One of my favorite memories was facing XT for the first time. We get ready, the tank pulls, and then XT starts “talking”…. 23 people are laughing hysterically, the tank is 1, 2, splat under XT going “Hey Guys…a little help?”, and the raid leader (who plays with her WoW sounds off) with a “deer in the headlights” look trying to figure out what happened. Although. this is the same tank that found out that there is no safety rail in front of Kologarn on our first pull, and definitely walked right off.

The same tank also got accidentally boP’ed on a pull by a fantastic Holy Paladin we had on her very first application raid with us during an attempt on HM rotface. She still hasn’t lived that down, even though she is now starting her own guild on another server.

Our tanks have either really bad luck, or are secretly planning out hilarity! XD
10. Anything you want to add about your guild, what makes you folks stand out?

I think I’ve covered this in previous questions, but I’ll break it down to the TL:DR. We’re a great bunch of folks that know how to kill bosses, yet still have lives. We are an actual team, that communicates articulately with each other, and can smooth out any conflicts rather quickly. That alone makes Choice different then most of the guilds I’ve seen in almost 6 years of playing. Lots of folks can claim it, we do it.
11. Are you recruiting, if yes what classes, what are you looking for in an applicant, and how do they app?

We are most definitely recruiting some prime spots for Cataclysm! We’re primary looking for resto, kitty, and moonkin Druids, a Holy priest and Holy Paladin, a Deathknight tank and DPS, and a Warrior that knows when the right and wrong time to Whirlwind is. lol

Although, we’re willing to accept any exceptional application from any role, as long as we can fit them into the core.

Raider requirements are:

– To apply to Choice and become an active raider, we require you to be 16 years or older. (Only circumstance that may change this is in the case of a Parent and child where the Parent will be raiding continually with the child and understands the environment they will be in.) Other than that, there are no exceptions. We’ve just had very bad luck with anyone under the age limit no matter how mature they claim to be.

– All new members are required to be able to make 2 out of 3 raid days, although being available for a 3rd is strongly encouraged. Even if you show up, but have to sit out for whatever reason, you will still be counted as showing initiative. However, it is strongly encouraged that you make sure you know about our sitting policy before applying detailed in our raid charter on our website.
– You must come prepared to raids fully gemed, enchanted, repaired, with your offspec/resist gear, spec, and glyphs AND with consumables ready to go AT THE ZONE IN BY 6PM PST. There are no exceptions! Be considerate of other raiders time schedules and do not hold the raid because you forgot to think about getting prepared for what you were doing later! Bring all gear and supplies for ALL DKP awarded progression raids!
– Being prepared INCLUDES and REQUIRES being informed and aware of our current progression in raid content! That means doing a little homework yourself, read strats, understand boss mechanics, and your classes role in them! Do not expect to be told which curse is better, or when you’ll be required to cleanse or taunt! We expect YOU to know it, because we made the effort to do so ourselves.
– You are required to be on vent for raids and grouping. You do not have to own a working mic, but for communication purposes its strongly encouraged.
– It is mandatory that you check the forums and post at least once, once a week.
– You must use the raid sign ups posted for you via the website raid calendar!
You can apply at:

Thank you Fugara, and Choice guild. I wish you all the luck in Cataclysm, and give you folks some High Latency Love.  Make sure after Cataclysm hits, you stop by, and let us know how you’re doing.

If your in a guild, or a GM of a guild and you want some help recruiting or just want to be profiled let me know at cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com

7 Responses to “Focus on Guilds: Guild Profile -Choice”

  1. Good interview! I wish I had time for raiding. I prefer the casual friendship type of guild tho.

  2. This is exactly the kind of guild that is attractive to me.

    Very interesting read!

  3. Thank you for the spotlight! It was fun answering your questions! 😀

  4. Excellent interview! As the “fantastic” holy paladin mentioned who BOPped a tank on Fester (whoopsiedoodle!), I have to say that I adore Choice beyond measure and if I hadn’t been working for the last year to reassemble my BC-era crew, I would still be raiding with Choice.

    Excellent group of people, hilarious, kind, generous and great players.

    Fugara is, hands down, the best GM I’ve ever even HEARD of, and the other officers are great.

    Go app today!

  5. Now you’re making me tear. /love

  6. Word on the love and respect, Fug’s easily the most dedicated GM i’ve come across through my trolling of the mmo’s, and is among the few reasons why even with my gaming ADD i still log in to play.

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