Weekly Lagout

WoW – Just putzing along waiting for Cataclysm. Getting my guild ready, and such.

WAR– I guess 1.4, and RvR packs are out. I was too busy drinking yesterday, and ahem tonight to get them but Saturday I’m all over it. Gonna be some good times in WAR for a bit.

Perpetuum– Some Sci-fi game sent me a free pass, I might take a gander at it…hell free is free. If it doesn’t have Klingons or Cylons, I usually don’t get into Scifi.

High Latency Love –

It’s getting that time of year when I like to dig a little deeper, and give back to the gaming community.

Great charity is Childs Play, check them out, and give a tosh.

Something Funny –

This kid cracks me up, check out his stuff…but here’s a special video he did for Chelsea Handler with 50 Cent.

With that….


5 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. High and dry all weekend for WAR. I see how it is

  2. Happy Thanksgiving in Advance River!

    And if you’re not going to use that pass for Perpetumm, send it to me, I really want to test out that game, I have the client installed and everything.

  3. […] played Perpetuum for nearly a week or so, thanks to a free trial code, courtesy of River. It is Eve Online in spirit, and falls terrible short in execution. Couple that with their latest […]

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