Patch 4.0.3a — Live November 23rd…?

This is what I have heard.  Since I won’t be posting next week, due to it being Thanksgiving and I’ll be spending that with my family, figured I’d say something about it today.

Um, WHAT. I didn’t think this was happening so soon.  I guess I’m in as much denial about the Cataclysm as I am about Christmas being nearly a month away.

The changes we can expect are outlined quite well by Beruthiel, so I won’t regurgitate. 

First thing I’ve done to prepare???  Switching where I house my bank alt.  And no, I don’t have her sitting in Dalaran like many do.  I actually have her located in Orgrimmar, which was of great annoyance to me last night when I logged on to send some money to my main and realized there was no mailbox to be found.   

stupid. elemental. bastards.


I called in a favor to my mage friend and moved myself to the Undercity.  I really don’t have a great reason for it.  The Undercity might be uninhabitable in the next few weeks for all I know.  Guess it’s my fault for not doing my pre-cataclysm research. 

Oh, also… I heard thru the Trade Chat Grapevine** that Deathwing will be doing random attacks on zones and cities – wiping out all in his path.  This is such great news – especially now that the cost to repair cloth has gone up so much.

stupid. deathwing. bastard.


**things also heard thru the Trade Chat Grapevine – Cataclysm not actually caused by Deathwing but by a Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick.

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