Friendship at what cost?

“Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” ~ DeNiro in the Movie Heat.

KissmyAlas wrote an interesting post, that had me thinking about my own friendships. I don’t think of my friends as online, or offline. I will tell you this all my friends add to my life. I don’t keep friends around if all they do is complain, make demands of my time, or that keep me from my goals.

That’s the thing what are your goals?

My goals is just relax, have some fun, and mess around with people. If they need me to go kill something then I’m going to do my best that I can.

What are your goals? To see content? to progress? Then yes your friends could be keeping you from your goals. Then it’s time to find greener pastures because if your friends are keeping you from your goals, you will learn to hate them.

I walked away from my main server Garona, because I felt I grew apart from them. Not that they weren’t good friends still, it’s just I wanted something more, and that something was to be a part of a guild filled with bloggers on Azgalor. Though that didn’t work out, I still miss my friends, but have never looked back. I met some wonderful people, and made new friends.

Being the Lawful Evil being that I am it’s true, I took the alignment test. Though I have a code of ethics and rules I try to adhere to, if you cross me we won’t be friends for long…

One Response to “Friendship at what cost?”

  1. Those dang blogger guilds! I just started playing WoW again on your server to meet new people and form new friendships. Right now it is lonely because there is nobody on and I’m not in a guild, but once Cataclysm comes out I think more people will be playing.

    I’ve changed servers so many times and left behind friends. I have characters on Stormscale, Deathwing, Blackwing Lair, Garona, Killrogg, Rexxar, and now your server. The main reason I always quit playing is, the guilds I get in break up before expansions and my friends quit playing. I am sick of moving servers and starting fresh every time. I’m glad this time is different with a new world to explore, but I’m leaving behind lots of money, 3 80s, heirlooms, and a faction I know like the back of my hand.
    This is the last time I move. When I become bored with WoW and my guild becomes a ghost town, I’m shelving my account for good. I play WoW to hang with friends because the game is just a social vehicle for me. I’ve killed that monster X amount and seen everything to be seen 100’s of times. The only tging left for me in WoW is my friends.

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