Sometimes, you have to be an A–hole.

**(This post is a very loose response to a post earlier this week from Amber over at I Like Bubbles.  Well, less of a response – but more of a cliffnote or supplement of sorts..)

There is a new gamer lingo I’ve been hearing (e.g. reading) a lot of in my WoW chat. 

Actually, I only noticed it recently because I have found myself using the word more frequently in my every day jargon. 


-Bane of a noob/newb’s existence
-Someone who is experienced at a game
-A person that can pwn normal players

Lulz the stupid n00b just got pwned by that pro.

I would even expand on this further and state that “Pro” is more of an adjective than a noun. 

1>Dude, did you see that?
2>Yeah! That was pro!

I have finally crossed a major hurdle in my WoW play.  I can officially say with confidence, that I have gone from a Noob to a Pro.
Why you may ask?  Well there are several reasons. 

  • Materials. I have enough gold to comfortably purchase what I need.  I find myself as the one who is lending gold to other players.  I have the ability to craft several different types of goods for the guild (on several different characters).  I help people out, rather than having to ask for the help.
  • Experience. A year ago, I had been in 2 dungeons in my entire WoW career.  Now I can say I’ve experienced all of ICC and more of the 5 man heroics than I care to admit.  I can offer my advice on boss fights.  I also have experienced many other classes, their playstyles, and what they can bring to the table.  I am not an expert, but I can certainly help when needed.

Over the past weeks, I have had several opportunities to utilize my WoW Maturity (oxymoron much?).  I have a few RL friends that play on my same server, who, after a year or so of absence, have returned to Azeroth in the anticipation of the Cataclysm.  They are quickly attempting to level new characters, along with trying to get some decent gear for their level 80’s. 

I have missed playing and talking in vent with friends – and so my priest has been venturing into many random heroics with them (I mean JP are JP, amirite?). 

The third dungeon we found ourselves in was Trial of the Champion.  I have seen this dungeon many, many times while I was attempting to score the Argent Crusade Dragonhawk, and I am quite an expert jouster on my grey wolf… my friends though… one had never seen the instance before.  I can remember when I first started running random heroics, that I would ask for help and be told to: “Just spam buttons nooblol!!1!”  Well, this was not to be the fate of my friends. 

I ask in party chat “have you guys done this fight before” – to which I get “no.” Ok, time to be the helper I know I can.  I say, “one sec” in the party chat and then proceed to give a brief explanation of how the fight works in vent. 

After what couldn’t have been more than 30 sec – the tank loses his patience:

TankyMcDouche: “OMG, c’mon PRIEST get ONYOUR MOUNT let’s GOOGOGOG.” 

Me: “Just explaining the fight real quick, one sec” (even though I had previously stated this)

TankyMcDouche: “The fight is easy, let’s GOOOO”

Me: “I am done now, it only took like a min, relax and quit being such a dick”

TankyMcDouche: “Whatever noob – everyone knows this fight – quit holding us all up or GTFO”

Me: “…”

If this had been just me in the group I very well would have dropped group or just “forgot” to heal him.  Since I was with a group of friends, I stuck with it. 

We sloppily get all the way through to the Black Knight.  As the loot from the last boss is being distributed, I see that TankyMcDouche has chosen “need” for both items.  One is an obvious mace for a healer.  In my noobier days, I would probably not have even noticed this type of behavior.  I wouldn’t think to look at the stats, or notice what it is a pally tank needs or not. 

I immediately call him out in party chat.

Me: “Um, do you really need that mace for tanking?”

TankyMcDouche: “YEA! this is a tanking mace lol”

I then did the most Pro of moves.  Kick – reason – “Ninja Douche” – immediately passes.  At this point the Black Knight is about to attack.  The DK DPS in our group is already changing out his gear and says a simple, “Heal me.” in party chat.  And oh how I did. 

It wasn’t the cleanest kill of the Black Knight – but it is certainly now, my most memorable. 

Does this action make me an asshole?  I don’t think so.  I think most players would agree that I did the right thing in calling him out and then initiating a kick.  In the eyes of TankyMcDouche, however, well that’s a different story.

Hope I made him cry McDouchey tears.

12 Responses to “Sometimes, you have to be an A–hole.”

  1. So, are you playing on River’s server or is your priest on different server?

    • This is my priest on my main server. I Won’t be making my priest for the new guild til Cataclysm since I wanna try out the goblin starting area.

  2. One of my pet peeves is: Starting new server with friends in hopes I have someone to play with, but they all flock to their main servers shortly after expansion comes out, leaving me alone. Yeah, I’ve been ass fucked into transferring characters to new server in hopes of having someone to play with.

    • I don’t plan on transferring my main. I am happy where I am, with my guild, etc. I love playing a priest though, and the thought of leveling one up with the knowledge I have sounds really fun. I will definitely not be transferring this priest back to my home server anytime 1.) because I already have a priest, 2.) I have no room for any other characters 3.) I just wouldn’t do that.

      My plan is to play this new priest quite regularly. I will probably not start her until a couple week into cataclysm though, tbh. I want to experience the new content on my 80 with my guildmates first.

  3. I will be working on my warrior as soon as Cat drops. Vent will be incoming next week, so will other guild goodies.

  4. As for being a jerk, or a-hole. I don’t know about that. I’m always nice as pie.

  5. There’s a difference between licking dirtbags and being one… and all you did was kick one. :p hopefully in the nuts…

  6. “Pro” move in my opion, TankyMcDouche deserved it.

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