Ode To Dooshee

This poem is in memory of my sidekick Dooshee. He will be missed.

Oh Dooshee, How I loved Thee.

You would follow me around,

Like someone stalking me.

Oh so refreshing like a Summer’s Eve.

Your name from a douchebag,

was conceived.

Then one day Blizzard released a patch.

Then you were ripped away from me.

Finally I see their conspiracy begin to hatch.

The mages though angry, felt no shock,

For we know all Blizz employees play a lock.

R.I.P. Dooshee.

4 Responses to “Ode To Dooshee”

  1. What is the meaning of this? Are water elementals gone??

    I specced fire on my mage… and well…. i’ve been cheating on frost for a bit…. I didn’t know they took it away??

    • No it means that the Water Elemental which I got to name, is no longer the name I gave him. Blizzard wiped them all, and all mages get are the generic “Water Elementals” again.

      In other words, Dooshee is gone, and all I got is some sort of generic Water Elemental. Who is quite boring. Man Dooshee was great he use to buy a round of drinks once in awhile.

      • Dooshee is a pretty appropriate name. I tried to rename my Water Elemental a week or so ago, and it wouldn’t work for me.

        I was gonna name it “Fire Elemental” – just so I could appreciate those who actually noticed.

  2. I like how I set up my next post to flow seemlessly into yours. 🙂

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