Mage Hit Starvation

First let’s just say FINALLY a mage tier I love the look of. Looks like the mean motherfucker I always wanted to be.

As I look at the Mage Tier 11 (Which Gaz does an awesome job summing up take a look) One thing I worry about is this astronomical number we need to get Hit Capped, 1742.

Sure we can Gem for it, Enchant for it, and even find trinkets, and such for it, but that doesn’t allow for a whole lot of room to play with the other stats. Blizz states it wants us to step away from cookie cutters, yet if we’re all Hit, how is that not a form of cookie cutterism?

I’m a Mage, I like to blow crap up. That’s why I liked gemming for haste/spellpower, both added to what I loved to do. First they take away my +Hit talents, and then they don’t compensate with some gear that will get us close to our Hit cap.

I’m sorry I have to call Bullshit!

2 Responses to “Mage Hit Starvation”

  1. I’ll be honest with you.

    I fucking hate hit as a stat

    I hated it when they had hit in the talent trees, so depending on if Arcane or Fire was Spec-Of-The-Month we’d gain or lose 6% hit. Annoying as hell.

    I now hate it that we’re going to have this legacy of being OMG hitcapped before raiding in cata, except that’s going to be damn near impossible in blues and crafted epics. Hell, you’ll probably get better performance from being near-but-not-quite capped but having some nice stats all-round.

    I get the point that Blizz want hit to become more meaningful, so we never hit cap till we’re in tier 15, with 50% crit and haste up the wazoo. But they can’t change mindsets overnight, so it’s still going to be a pain in the bum re-educating people.

  2. Interesting – I’ve been paying attention to the physical hit cap, which will be around 960, but I didn’t even think about spell hit. Wow.

    I’m curious to see what the gear will look like, and to see if we have to reforge/gem so much hit into our gear that we don’t feel powerful at all until, like Gaz says, T15 or something… Hopefully that won’t be the case.

    I know that Blizzard wants us to keep chasing all stats instead of hit-capping and forgetting, but if damage classes just. don’t. feel. explosive, or fast, or whatever, I wonder how much the fun factor will come into play…

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