The Return of the Chosen One

So I got a few free days courtesy of Mythic, so I decided to load up the Warhammer Online.  First off I think a could guildies pass out to see back online. My loyal Fellhound missed me, I could tell he started licking his balls toot sweet.

Ah it felt good to be back in the Inevitable City. The damned souls walking around, the cultists…if I could cry I might of.  I messed around with the appearance. I went old school with the hornless helm, and put an old school shield that I loved.

Man I popped into my first scenario, and guess who I run into. A little dwarf named Gaarawarr. Of course Order beat on me like an ocean beats on a rock, but I had some good healers keeping me up, the rest of the damage dealers did there job and killed everyone trying to beat on me.

I did another scenario, it was Serpent’s passage, and while everyone was mucking about I grabbed the parts several times, and there was a Shaman following me, he said, “You’re the only smart one here”  Damn straight sucka!

Over the weekend I did some more Scenarios, some with guild groups which was awesome fun, and awesome RP.  Solo I get bout 2-3k Renown, with my guild I was getting 6-7k….Man it’s good to work with some proper villains again. 

Did some RvR in Praag as well, and I forgot how fun the Chaos of Battle is in WAR. 

Well I’m going to try to stick around until the new RvR packs are released, be great to get a little boost in my fight to get Renown. Since I always did PvE back in the day I fell way behind the Renown curve.

3 Responses to “The Return of the Chosen One”

  1. You’re coming back at the right time! This Thursday 1.4 goes live that totally revamps the whole RvR campaign. And those RvR Packs you mention become available that will help boost your renown gain.

  2. If WAR didn’t seem so complicated on the surface I might have given it a shot. I quit EVE because of the sheer insanity of the learning curve, and I was one of the first players when the game launched.

  3. Welcome back to the warfront!

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