Weekly Lagout

WoW – Whelp the Guild is up and running, I’m filling the guild bank with netherweave bags, awaiting the arrival of my goblin brothers and sisters.

In other news I decided to get my Argent Dawn rep to exalted, cause my Argent Crusade rep is Exalted. Nice Title for a Paladin. Also it means farming Stratholme, who knows I might get another Deathcharger.

Warlock hit 25, and my descent to the evil side grows more and more each day. I mean I’m taking out Red (+5-6 levels to me), and other yellow mobs same time with not a whole heck of alot of effort. Now I got glyphs, and more damage on Felguard. Yeah…they sold me.

WAR – I’m actually going to be heading back to this game next week in anticipation to 1.4 RvR packs.

High Latency Love – WAR Edition

These boys been holding down the fort, and really keeping my interest alive, since it’s because of them I’m heading back to WAR.






Mykielwar’s PODCAST

Glad to hear this guy ain’t gone, the donkey would get lonely…

Show all these people some High Latency Love!

Something Funny –

I laughed at this, cause I too am growing older…

With that…


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Work’s tough man, and I am getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis by the sheer number of projects I am trying to juggle at the moment.

    Otherwise I’d switch over today and we could level our evil warlocks (mine is at 26 if I remember correctly) together!

  2. Yes I’m alive and I’ll be in your neighborhood on Wednesday for 2 hours waiting for my next flight. I should be enjoying WoW by Friday

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