Guide to “Tripping The Rifts.”

Even though the title of this post may sound like some new drug craze (e.g., cheesing), I assure you it’s WoW related.

This is a new Feat of Strength that can be obtained currently. In fact I would recommend doing it sooner, rather than later – because as Cataclysm approaches it may no longer be available. But then, it totally could.  🙂

Not sure why I enjoy getting these Feats of Strength so much, but alas, I do – and I figure some of you might like to also.

I had some issues finding the locations of where the 4 different types of elementals spawn so I figured I’d make a little guide to help out others that may be running into the same difficulties.

First thing, you can refer to wowhead’s guide which has all locations listed.  The maps are small, and the directions aren’t especially clear.  Keep in mind these elementals only spawn once per hour, so you may have to hang out a bit and wait.  At least with the guide below you’ll know where to wait.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that by defeating each of the groups of elementals you will receive a pretty nice hour long buff.  I can confirm that these buffs will stack.  The benefits are as follows:

The abilities have a 30% chance to proc.


Alright… On to the Nitty Gritty:


While fishing in STV I located the first of the elementals that I killed – the Water Elementals.

This is the exact location they begin spawning.

You can find them right in Grom’gol (horde side) or there is also a pack located north of Grom’gol amongst the Shaman Trolls mobs.

Water Elemental Map Location


For the remaining elementals I traveled to the Outlands.  Being able to use my flying mount made it easier to get around from place to place.

I started with the Gusting Elementals.

Found them here in Terokkar Forest:

Gusting Elemental Map Location


Next I targeted the Earth Elementals.

They attack right in the heart of Gardar:

Earth Elemental Map Location


Lastly, I went to Hellfire to find the Searing Elementals.

They can be found on the lower level of Falcon Watch:

Searing Elemental Map Location


Hope this helps.

12 Responses to “Guide to “Tripping The Rifts.””

  1. Also just as a note.. do not forget to pick up the quest item afterward. It is just 13g but it’s free gold. You must be killing rifts of your level.. so if your level 80 then you have to do Northrend rifts to get the quest. It is a little floaty thing after the rift closes. Just click on it.

  2. Great guide Bee, and thanks walgman for the helpful tip.

  3. This now gives me a reason to log back into WoW. So how do I pick up the quest? I have a few level 80s.

    • No quest to pick up for this Feat of Strength. Just killing the elementals of each type will automatically earn it for you. There are several related quests to the Cataclysm that are available in the home cities (Org and Stormwind). It’s all layed out pretty well in the above link from WoWhead if you are looking for more clarity.

    • As far as the quest that Walgman has informed us of in the above comment – correct me if I’m wrong – but I don’t think there is a starting quest line. I believe you just loot the “mysterious object” (gem-looking-thing) after the rift has been closed and that begins the quest.

  4. Thanks for the write-up dude, this is super helpful!

  5. Nope. No starting quest line for that. It just appears, you click, accept the quest and turn it in at IF or Stormwind to one of the Shaman’s that whine about the elements going nutso.

  6. FYI – Once the elemental invasion of the major cities start, rifts will appear in those capital cities so you wont need to run all around the world to get the achiv.

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