Hardcore Mentality, with Casual Sensibility

What is Hardcore? What is Casual? These two factions of people clash all the time.

What makes you Hardcore? Raiding 6 times a week? Insane Achievement on 5 toons?  On the flip side what makes you a casual? Just doing heroics? Playing one hour every few days?

I really don’t know where the line is exactly between Hardcore, or Casual. Don’t know if I really like those terms in general. I play to have fun whether it’s 8 hours a day, or 1 hour a day. I game when I feel like I want to game, I don’t feel like it I don’t game…I watch porn instead.

Here’s the thing, I believe I am casual, doesn’t mean I can’t have a hardcore state of mind. What do I mean by that? 

There’s a time and place for everything – I think if you ask anyone I ever played with that I’m one of thee biggest goofs ever to play any game, but when it comes time to drop the hammer whether it is PvP, or PvE that I give my 100%, and expect anyone who is on my “team” to give their 100%

Invest in your toons – Sure buying Gems for your Helm everytime you get a new helm isn’t cheap, but damn it if I could do it, then anyone could. Dailies net 10-15 gold per, so you do a few even you got some gold.  Take pride in your toon, look up what gems, enchants are good for your toon.  I take pride in my work on the job, why not take pride in your work in the game as well.

It’s only a game – That is true, and you need to have a sense of humor, and be able to laugh at yourself even. Here’s the thing though, I like to win. I don’t play Monopoly going, gee whiz I hope I lose, and just have fun! No it don’t work that way. I think of strategies, improve, learn, and try to crush my opponents.

It’s my 15 dollars a month – It’s my money, I can do and play how I want. You’re right it is your money, but as a Pantera song once said, “Be Yourself, By Yourself”

5 Responses to “Hardcore Mentality, with Casual Sensibility”

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  2. STAY AWAY FROM ME!! A lesson learned in life…. known from the dawn of tiiiiimeeeeee…

    I dated a guy that was into Pantera. All of their best songs, including Walk, are on my WoW PVP playlist. 🙂

  3. Are you talking to me? NO WAY, PUNK.

  4. Love Pantera, I can’t help it I’m a Cowboy from Hell, and I’m Broken 🙂

    • And I can’t help if I have a Vulgar Display of Power. My Mouth For War is a result of the fact that Revolution Is My Name.

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