I’m so buying a Lil’Ragnaros

I’m old school. My first real raid was Molten Core. The minute Ragnaros popped out of the fire, and screamed, “By fire be purged”. I was in love, Now Blizzard is expanding it’s pet store to get a Lil’Ragnaros, and some other Hathling thing. Whatevah!.

I’m so getting one regardless, but I want to say “By Fire be Purged”, and “You have summoned me too soon”

And one more…Oh..Geez….I just jizzed in my pants……

Got to go change them…

6 Responses to “I’m so buying a Lil’Ragnaros”

  1. Molten Core was nuts, I actually got to go in there with my guild once post WotLK. Even with a 60 something DK it wasn’t something to take lightly. I love the old dungeons!

    I still want to down Onixia!

  2. omg… Ragz? hands-down BEST.BOSS.IN.GAME… I’m just sayin

  3. Ahh good ol’ Molten core, one of the only dungeons/raids that you had to payout a shed load of gold for green fire resistance gear to get an invite.

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