Weekly Lagout


Latency Lowlifes at 20.97% . It was a close race, and I did hope Chinese Fingertrap would win…well cause I’m perverted. There’s always our Alliance Worgen Guild LOL!

WoW – Well just working on the lock. Oh and I sold an Asston of wool for a ridiculous amount of gold. I almost creamed in my jeans when I checked the AH this morning.  Now that I got the guild name, I’ll get the ball rolling, and start making Netherweave bags for anyone who wants to join us.

WAR– I might actually head back to WAR, their coming out with two RvR packs, 10 dollars each or 15 for both…My Chaos Tattoo is itching a bit…but that could be the STD.

High Latency Love –

I heard over Twitter thanks to Erin aka Ghoul Ava that some girl may have committed suicide who was an avid WoW player. I’ve been on both sides of the coin, my best friend committed suicide, and I battled depression as well. I urge you suicide is a permenent solution to temporary problems. Talk to someone, anyone, and try to find a way out of your problems. If I would of took my own life I would of missed out of so much, including talking to you right now. Heck if you need someone to talk to, my door is always open drop me an email cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com  

My Prayers and Thoughts go out to that girl, and her family and friends.

Much love to Markco for putting me in his blog carnival and making me feel a part of the gold making community, even though I don’t know shite. “The first step to wisdom is to realize you know nothing” – Buddha ….I must be wise as well.  He has a new layout and looks real sharp, so go give Markco some love.

Gonna also give some Love to Shy, she got a new layout, and she stops by here once in awhile. Show her some HLL love back and visit her.

Think Pugnacious Priest will let me Skype her so I can hear her Sexy Aussie Voice? I dunno, but show her some love too.

Something Funny….

I love me some BeetleJuice….

With That…..


12 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    The one I voted for didn’t win. That sounds familiar.

    • Just like real life. Democracy in action

      • Just be happy you don’t live, where I live… We had a state question about the Shirah Law not being admissable in Oklahoma courts (WELL NO SHIT)… I have to vote No on that out of pure principal and the fact that I’m not a racist beast. It passed with 70% of the vote.

        I live around redneck, hick morons.

  2. YEAH BABY! Latency Lowlifes : ))))))))

    I voted for it. If I had voted for my own suggestion it may have been Chinese Fingertrap. lol

    Oh, and…
    “and start making Netherweave bags for anyone who wants to join us.”

    I only accept Frostweave bags, and I’ll need a 32-slot herb bag as well, so you better start working on your Kalu’akakakaka rep.

  3. Hell why don’t i just roll a dk and use those bags. Can’t really say that the hunter class is growing on me.

  4. Skype…… No one talks on skype when there’s vent

  5. What?

    General Goods Vendor didn’t make the cut?!?

    -> sad panda

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