The Guild Showcase

I am no stranger to Guild’s getting experience, and getting rewards like guild will soon be doign in Warcraft. I mean in Warhammer both my guilds were very high level guilds…..Yeah Jaded Souls, and Einherjar kicks ass.

I was thinking though I want to hear from the guilds out there, your history, your future, your type of play, etc..etc….

What make’s your guild so special?

This will be open to any game, and any guild small or large, if you are the guild leader, or officer send me an email at cc0926(at)gmail(dot)com

4 Responses to “The Guild Showcase”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    It’s almost like a reverse application process. Brilliant.

  2. Wait, wait, wait…. Jaded Souls? On Steamwheedle Cartel?

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