That’s What I Like About You.

Last week a member of my guild returned.  I’m super excited.  This is someone I really enjoy questing/instancing/battlegrounding with.  Before he unsubscribed we had been working on leveling some new characters; him a hunter and I a Paladin.  Paladins are much less button spam now, which makes running instances a lot more tollerable – dare I say – fun.  I’ve always loved playing my paladin in PVP, and that hasn’t changed, especially since I was just able to train Hammer of Wrath. 

Anywhos…. so my Hunter friend and I are playing defense in a WSG where the other team is being nice enough to come in one at a time so we are having an easy time picking them off and racking up some HK’s.  In between alliance we are messing around and he keeps Feigning Death.  Seeing that was making me homesick for my hunter. 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever spoke of her before, but I have a level 75 BM hunter that just gathers dust now.  This was the first character I ever leveled in WoW.  I played her when I was truly at my noobiest.  I lost interest in her when I started leveling my Priest, and then the changes to BM came about and she just wasn’t as fun to play. 

I bring this up cause it got me thinking about my favorite abilites/spells that all of my alts have.  Figured I’d give a listing here of my favorites, but I’d love to hear what yours are as well.

So I’ll start with my Hunter. 

I love Feign Death.  It’s the ultimate “OH SHIT” button when you’ve gotten yourself in a sticky situation.  Also, there is a lot to be said of the feeling of gratification that you get when you can fake out an opponent in PVP by using it. 

On my Priest I’d say Penance is my favorite. 

First, it’s a pretty spell (and yeah, sometimes my girliness takes over).  Secondly, I love the fact that it can heal or damage.  It can save you or destroy you.  I love the sound effect it makes.  I love that I had to work so long to level my Priest to get it.  I know this has changed now, but honestly, I feel I appreciate it more since I did have to wait so long to be able to use it.

I have a DK, just like everyone else does.  She sits at level 69, because it’s pervacious. Sometimes it’s fun to dust her off and play when other’s are leveling alts. It’s always better with a partner. Seriously, DK’s just don’t really do it for me though.  They are just a bit too overpowered and faceroll for my liking.  But there is one ability they have that is fun as shit.

I chose Unholy as my spec purely based on the fact that you can talent into having a faster cooldown on Death Grip. 

My Paladin has a lot of fun new spells and abilites, so it’s kinda hard to choose.  I really like the way Divine Storm looks and it’s fun to cast.  But, when I chose my favorite, I kinda thought about what I hated being on the receiving end of when fighting a Paladin in PVP.

So, Hammer of Justice it is. 

I love the animation it causes on enemy players (similar to being in sapped), I love that it can be cast at a distance.  I love that I can attack the target while it’s up without worry that it will disrupt its effects.  It has helped in the recovery of many, many flags in WSG, and for that it is my favorite.

I’ve discussed this recently, but I think it deserves a little more attention. 

Sheep has gotta be the coolest thing eva.  I sheep when it’s necessary.  I sheep when it’s not necessary.  I sheep when it’s a terrible idea.  I just love to sheep.  SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP SHEEP.

So, what are you favorites?

6 Responses to “That’s What I Like About You.”

  1. elleseven Says:

    My fave’s are pretty much the same as yours, except for my hunter I love disengage. When I see a doofy guy running straight towards me, I drop a quick trap and fly backwards and laugh muhahahahaha in my head.

    • Ahhh yes! Such a fun move. We had a hunter in my guild that decided to level engineering just so he could macro his disengage with the parachute and speed boost, or whatever it is that engineers have. (I can’t get past 100 in engineering, myself). Best ever were WSG’s where I would be penancing him as he flew over my head.

      What’s with being able to throw the traps now? That’s so craziness… I know this probably happened a while back – I’m aging my poor hunter 🙂

  2. Charge and Intervene for warriors are a lot of fun. Used correctly, they eliminate all damage from falling, which is a super feeling when I do it right.

    • Ok, so I’ve never been interested in rolling a Warrior, but this interests me. I love when you get so comfortable with your character that you can do things like that.

      The other day I had my main parked in Hellfire, protecting my Mage Alt as she was doing some quests. DON’T MAKE ME GET MY MAIN!! 🙂

      I found a level 74 or so Ally rogue who was kept attacking Thrallmar. He flew up high in the air on his mount when he saw my priest there and thought he was safe. Little does he know, I’ve perfected the dismount, dot, dot, levitate. In this particular case I was even able to remount in mid air, once I left combat. I was using the Halloween Broom which mounts similar to Druid Bird form. I flew back up, gave him a Shadow Word: Death, and he was a goner.

  3. As I level my Lock, My new favorite spell…EYE OF KILROGG!

    What purpose does it serve? What does it actually do besides roam around looking at shite?

    Well I use it to see what’s up girl’s dresses…..Best Spell Ever.

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