It’s Time We Named Our Guild.

Since it’s voting day around America, what better time to put things to a vote. In that effect, I made a little poll. We’ll see what the results are. I added a name myself. “Most Hated”  I dunno I thought it sounded cool.

I do withhold the right if any shenigans are played with this poll, I reserve the right to veto the name. Other I will abide by the vote.

Without Further Ado….

12 Responses to “It’s Time We Named Our Guild.”

  1. Side note: It should be “Chinese Fingertrap” not traps 🙂

  2. Just another side note, I will close the polls Friday when I do the Weekly Lagout.

  3. May I suggest “General Goods Vendor”? Especially if it is on a PvP server?

    Imagine the possibilities…

  4. Where’s my “I VOTED” stiker?!

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  6. It’s just so hard to choose. I mean there’s even a ren & stimpy reference up there!

  7. Legolas4Life Says:

    Knighthood of the Red Dragon or Summer’s Eve.

    • KoTRD was a force to be reckoned with I could never name a guild that. Those were the glory days.

      Summer’s Eve….yeah that could of been a possibility.

  8. Ewww, Summer’s Eve!?!

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