Weekly Lagout

WoW – Well besides rocking out with my Warlock. I’ve been trying to make gold, been doing well with my enchanting endeavors. I have not tanked with the Pally at all. Be honest I’m a little scared to with all the changes, but I best bite the bullet and get going.

WoT – World of Tanks is a fun game, but just not enough to hold my interest. I’ll keep playing cause, well it’s free. Don’t think I’ll pay anything though.

High Latency Love –

A New Person to the High Latency Crew (aka Blogroll/Commenting)  is Girl Grey, her blog is real interesting…well for a chick anyway. LOL!

Giving Spinks some love cause she was reading my mind. I was looking for more Warrior Info as of late, and she come through with this.  

It’s also ending Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so if your a woman and over 40 get regular Mammograms. If you are under 40 do regular self exams, and if you’re a man who loves boobs (like I do), encourage the women in your life to do so.

Show some love to these people, and to the special women in your life.

Something Funny….

Protection Warrior!

With that have a safe, and good Halloween….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Thank you 🙂 And I take that “for a girl” as a huge compliment! ❤

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