Make Love, Not Warcraft.

I play World of Warcraft for several reasons:

  • I enjoy the challenge of learning to play my characters to the best of my ability.
  • I enjoy exploring the different places and viewing the graphics.
  • I like riding on/fighting dragons.
  • I enjoy getting a chance to “hang-out” (virtually) with my guildmembers, and working together as a team to down a Boss or win a Battleground.
  • I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get from finally obtaining a mount, a title or an achievement I’ve been working towards.

The other day I was broomin’ it around the Outlands, attempting to visit the last few Inns that were needed for the Hallow’s End achievement: Tricks and Treats of the Outland.  As I ventured into Hellfire Pennisula, I noticed that Broken Hill had just been taken by the Alliance.  As most of you know, I love the opportunity for some real-world PVP so off I went, seeking a battle.  When I arrived I found a Horde Warlock, his Felguard and the broken body of a level 60 Gnome Rogue.  As I landed, and buffed the Warlock out of courtesy, he whispers a “thank you” and also explains that he didn’t even get a chance to kill the Rogue.  As soon as he landed the Felguard took one swipe and down the Gnome went.  I laughed and went along my way to Thrallmar.

I then received more purple text: “So, what are you up to?”  I explain that I am working on the last few stops for the Hallow’s End achievement.  After a few more pleansantries (finding out that he has just server transferred and finding out that we both live in the same state) the Warlock asks me if i’d like to run an instance.  Knowing that I probably should, as I need to practice my Disc PVE healing, I oblige. 

As we enter the dungeon, I can see that this guy is not the finest Warlock in the game.  He ended up pulling a group of mobs and I had to pull out some serious healing guns to keep him alive.  Luckily we had a tank that was able to pull aggro from him pretty quickly and keep him from paying some pretty high repair bills.  I then begin receiving messages of the following nature:

  • Sexy Heals!
  • Thanks for keeping me alive, baby!

Um, WTF?  Do you say this to all of your healers?  I’m not really sure at what point he assumed I was female, I never really came right out and said it.  I’m sure it was just my mannerisms.  I just responded with a “ty” or a smiley face and figured once this instance was over I would be saying buh-bye and be done with this overly flirtatious guy. 

As soon as the dungeon was over he began asking me for my Real ID so we could play together and talk whenever we were online together.  I told him no, mainly because my last name is quite unique and I don’t want this creep to know anything more about me.  I end up logging shortly after.

The next day I login and not a moment after I recieve a purple message from him: “Hey sexy! <3” 


As I start my normal routine of a Daily BG he asks me what I want to do in-game with him.  I respond that I’ve already queued a BG but I’ll reque with him if he would like.  “Oh, I don’t really like to PVP.” Um, ok.  He then tells me he is 22, lives at home with his parents and has no job at the moment.   After I respond that he is much younger than me and we sound pretty different he makes a last ditch effort to convinence me of his worth and maturity. 

He explains that his last girlfriend was 37, and they began dating when he was 17.  He also tells me that they met, in the very same way that “we did,” – in the World of Warcraft.  He explains that he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t do any drugs.  Him and his girlfriend had just recently broken up but they have “remained friends” and that’s why he had to move back in with his folks. 

Look, I’m not trying to sound like a bitch here.  I’m sure this guy is nice and will get his life back together really soon.  But I’m not playing WoW to be hit on.  I’m not playing WoW to meet some guy. 

But, the most confusing thing of all about this Warlock?  The fact that I meet him in a PVP setting only to be told “I don’t like to PVP.”  That’s like meeting some guy at the bar, only to find out that “Oh, I don’t like to drink.” 

At this point I don’t really know what to do.  This guy has friended my main and unless I want to quit playing her (which of course I do not) I’m gonna continue to be pestered.  I have a couple of options. 

  • Tell him, straight forward, that I think he’s off his rocker a bit and I’m not interested.
  • Let him down slowly by just being busy with other things in game.

I ended up choosing a mix of those two options.  When he would message me to do something I would just say “I’m doing something with my guild” or “I’m already in a group, thanks though.”  He then asked me if I thought I’d be available later to hangout with him.  I told him that I didn’t think so.  That I was a bit turned off by his advances, and that I’m not here to make a love connection.  I didn’t hear from him again after that.

31 Responses to “Make Love, Not Warcraft.”

  1. Ignore is a wonderful thing. 😉

    Mistakes the guy made…

    #1 Playing a Warlock – Everyone knows Chicks dig Mages.

    #2 All girl toons are guys until naked picture is emailed….That hot sounding vent voice can be faked!!!

    #3 He should of said he was in his 20’s, had roommates, and was self-employed. Truth is perception.

    #4. Being desperate….The stench of desperation even comes through in an MMO.

    One last thing Bee…you’re missing something on that graph. Why does my boyfriend date me……I swallow. 😛

  2. elleseven Says:

    The depressing thing is that this is all too common for female players in WoW. Of course I’m not saying all male players are like that but this happens a little too frequently especially if your just being polite and your nice regular ol’self. And the real sad part is some just can’t take a hint so you have to be a uber b**#h to them so they back off.

    • Well, it’s difficult in a text-only environment. With guys in RL I could send both verbal and non-verbal clues as to the fact that I am not interested.

      What’s most sad thoough is… I’m not totally opposed to the thought of meeting someone in WoW. I figure, I’m normal – I play WoW – my guild members are (mostly) normal – they play WoW. I realize that not everyone is just some geeky nerd with no life. I’ve heard/read stories of people being very happy with a relationship that began in Azeroth. It was more the way this guy approached it. Just very pushy.

      And strangely enough (although his RL was not attractive to me) I found his WoW play style and abilites unattractive.

  3. Knowing just how aggrevating it can be, I can agree with you 100%. But, with someone that desperate, do what most women do and fake it. Get some free stuff out of him. Don’t get attached, because that is just wierd, but ‘milk’ it for all they got, then tell him some bogus story (like you are giving your account to your lil brother or something as equally stupid so that when they see ‘you’ online they expect it to not be you!) No I don’t practice this technique often, but back in my WoW days, I will admit I am guilty. If they are dumb enough to believe you, they deserve it.

    • You know Chobie, I had a fetish for short green creatures with bulbous noses, that tried to get me killed all the time, and you took advantage of me.

      I want my 5 copper back.

    • I didn’t want to hurt this guys feelings too bad. And from the sound of his life, and the current state that it was in, the last thing he needed was for me to use him.

      I didn’t appreciate his immediate assumption that because I was a girl that lived in the same state as him that obviously we were gonna be hanging out in game and that I we would become romantically involved – but I’m not gonna punish him for it. Luckily he isn’t trying to contact me anymore, and hopefully that’s the way it will remain.

  4. Meh, when playing WoW you have to put nice aside and just do what’s best for you. I think you did well by telling him that you were not there for a love connection. Some of these guys really come off as having no experience with gals and that always makes thing awkward.

    I want to feel sorry for them, but some guys just have to learn via the school of hard knock. Usually a knock on the backside of the head “knock it off”.

    • Well, with this guy meeting someone and hooking up with them via WoW is pretty standard practice. (i.e. his statuatory rape situation) I won’t get into how wrong I find it that some 37-year-old woman hooked up with and moved a 17-year-old boy into her house. BUT, let’s just say it’s really wrong.

  5. “I found his WoW play style and abilites unattractive.”


  6. Riv’s last comment reminds me of the Guild episode where Zaboo is trying to comfort Codex. “He has some nice equipment”, from Zaboo. I busted up laughing, even if he just meant the armory.

  7. the easiest way out of it is to lie.. it would only be a white lie..
    I’ve been approached because they assume my name means I am female, and if they then ask “are you a girl” , then I will answer no.

  8. I usually tell the ladies I like to do PVP with my penis and I only kiss a girl on the vagina on the first instance.

  9. Legolas4Life Says:

    I didn’t want to date you anyway! Gosh!

  10. “This isn’t going to work, please stop whispering me.”

    It sounds like this guy is really socially inept (hence how desperate he is to meet someone in game). As awkward as it is, I’ve always found that the more direct you are with these kinds of guys, the easier it is.

    If all else fails, socially-inept-but-harmless guys tend to lose interest eventually if you stop answering their whispers/IMs/emails.

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