The Etymology of My Toon Names.

Where do I come up with my names for my toons. Well My real life nickname is River. I had that nickname since I was 21. So when I first started playing MMO’s I decided to incorporate my nickname into my toon.

So I had an Iseult Cleric named Riverian. Though I had some minor Alts, with different names I decided to keep the same thread with my toons for easier identification for guildies. Thus came my other toons, Rivgorian, Rivz, Rivzok, Rivzon…etc..etc…

Now there are times when my toons did not carry the Riv moniker, when I became a mage for the first time in Vanilla. I was working for a large company, and in the training class we were learning a program called “Heat”, help desk software..well I blew the program up putting in data in the wrong spot. My boss comes in and screams, “You sir are the Scourge of Heat”, so from then on I was called Heatscourge, or Heater among the rank and file of the company. Turns out alot of the techies played WoW as well, and invited me to play with them. Thus the mage was born, his name Heatscourge.

Now when I moved to Azgalor with the mage I decided since he was a Frost mage to resurrect my old mage name with a twist, so I called him Frostscourge. Though my guildies affectionally called me Failmage.

So there you have it, how, and why I name my toons, I hope you are now satisified, and please feel free to make more suggestions.

12 Responses to “The Etymology of My Toon Names.”

  1. The scourge of heat, awesome.

  2. I’ve named my toons after bodily functions. Call me immature. My Rogue is named Pooboy because people think Rogues are shit. I had a Shaman named Pooblaster because they poop out totems. I’ve even had a Hunter named Jonnytrots. My Priest is named Sloppyjoe because Sloppyjoe’s look like shit. Thats just how I roll

  3. The majority of my characters have old-timey grandma names. 🙂 Gertrude, Athena, Ernestine – and the character name I’ve already made for the Cataclysm guild? Matilda 🙂

  4. Now I’m curious why your nickname is “River?”
    My toons nicknames are usually something I’ve created for example, When thinking of names for female Orcs I came up with Auzuga, Zugsa, & Varuza, the names fit the toons and so a new toon was born. It usually takes me a while to come up with the names.

    • Ahh I don’t tell anyone why they call me River, There is a story but that is a mystery that will go to me to the grave. The only other person who knows has passed away.

  5. affectionally? …

  6. elleseven Says:

    My usuals dps names are Crazydaisy and Insanejane. Not because I belong in the nutty bin but I like how they rhyme.

  7. I usually just carry mine over from one MMO to the next…EQ > WoW > SW:OR…. its an endless cycle!

  8. I’ve always tried to stick with whatever naming conventions and/or whichever real-world ethnicities are closest. I try to take some meaning into account as well, but it doesn’t always work out that way. For example, my Draenei Paladin’s name is Liisa, which is apparently a Finnish derivative of Elizabeth. Originally I had wanted “Joan” or something along that line for my paladin (at the time I’d been listening to Heather Dale’s “Joan” a lot.) but the meaning behind Elizabeth is “God is my Oath.” Which also suits an instrument of righteous vengeance. I had been looking at Finnish names because there is a lot of similarity between Finnish names and the names of Draenei NPCs, particularly in the presence of double-vowels. My Draenei Priest is named Taraas, following the same conventions. Other names and deriatives I have used are:

    * Eilionoir – A Scottish form of Eleanor that fits a Dwarf Hunter.
    * Tahtahme – A Jamaican name loosely translating to “female warrior” fits a Troll Warrior.

    I intend to roll a Dwarf Shaman in Cata and will likely use something Celtic referring to shamanism or paganism. I may roll a worgen, if only just to experience the starting area and will likely choose something sort of Lovecraftian. All of what I have seen about the worgen starting area gives me this very Werewolf in London/Jack the Ripper/HP Lovecraft kind of feel.

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