Old School Warrior

My first toon I got to 60 in Vanilla was my warrior. An Orc named Rivgorian. Yeah all my toons mostly have Riv in it somewhere…Piss off wanker. Anywho I was usually mostly the offtank, cause no one took me as serious to be raiding main tank. Plus raiding was serious business back in the 40 man days.

I do admit I fooled around too much, I remember I would PvP as Prot with LightForge Shoulders on, and tell people I’m a new Orc Pally. I remember my first Epic One hander, the Axe of Deep Woods. I remember almost busting a nut in my pants when I got the Skullflame Shield. Ya know the shield that had flames shooting out of it. The coolest shield in the game EVER! I use to scream, “Wait 3 Sunders!’, like I was screaming out a chicks name during sex.

I did manage to main tank alot of content, cause well main tanks got burnt out, so I moved up the ranks. When my guild broke up, I went to magery for a year. Then came back in BC as a tank once more.

As an Orc Warrior I tanked  from Aran to Void Reaver, and everything in between. Eventually I got burnt out as well. I shelfed the Warrior. I miss the guy. I tried Pally Tanking, and though awesome…it doesn’t have the same feel to it.

So in Cataclysm I decided to go back to my Warrior roots, start fresh, plus every guild needs a main tank, why not be the one for the guild I’m going to help create.

As a Warrior Tank one place helped immensely time after time. And that Tankingtips with Vere, as a mage I didn’t visit him as much in recent times, but when I heard he’s calling it quits it was sad news indeed. Thanks for everything and good luck with your future endeavors…any last bit warrior tips?

3 Responses to “Old School Warrior”

  1. Ah, vanilla WoW, I miss it so. 🙂 Good luck on your guild, guys! I look forward to reading about it.

  2. Stop saying all your characters have Riv in it. Nobody cares about the etymology of your toon names.

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