The Cataclysm Reroll

Like I said in the Weekly Lagout, a few friends of mine are going to reroll, and have some fun together.  I decided to roll a goblin warrior, I feel like going back to my roots and tanking with a warrior, plus I want to see how warrior tanking is these days, plus a goblin warrior be cool. 


Server: Azgalor PvP (Non-RP) server – I think PvP servers add a little spice, though not as bad as they use to be. STV is no longer the awesome warzone it once was.  Also this is my server, and it will allow me to build a guild, get a guild bank going, and start making bags for everyone. I really want everyone to have bags, and perhaps a startup gift of some gold to get them going.

Goal: To have fun, do alot of group based stuff. Run instances together, hopefully get enough for a solid 10 man crew. I also want to do some World PvP, and PvP events as well.  Basically I want a fresh start for those people joining us, and work our way up together, and build memories like the ones I had with people in my early days of WoW.

Goblin Only: No, at first I mentioned it but let’s just say there is a goblin preference. I want to be as little rules as possible, so there won’t be many rules enforced.

Vent: Yes so if you come join us get your mic’s ready.

Rated M for Mature: Our Guild Chat, and Vent will not be safe for Kids, Work, or small woodland creatures.

Everything else we will make up as we go along. So Come Join Us……

Oh wait we need one thing ..a guild name.

Got any suggestions??

29 Responses to “The Cataclysm Reroll”

  1. Mean green would be a cool name.

  2. Insert Stupid RP Name

  3. I already stated my idea for a guild name. 🙂

    But i’ll think up some more and reply with it later.

    • Chinese Finger Trap was your suggestion? I thought that was in reference to you hanging out with me and Scary LOL

  4. Hmm… My mind immediately went to the phrase, “High Latency Lowlifes” as a guild name, as per your blog’s title.

  5. I really like “High Latency Lowlifes” or even just “Lowlifes” or we could go on that trend “The Degenerates.”

  6. Or on the shattering of the world theme: Chaotic Aftermath

  7. Here’s my suggestions.

    Rated M or full ‘Rated M for Mature’.
    Cheap Dirty Horde
    Clean Hands, Dirty Minds
    Drunken Horde
    Magic Nosegoblins.
    Our Ping Sucks.
    Degenerate Lowlifes.

  8. The only problem I’ve seen with a Reroll guild is it tends to work for a month or so, but people start wanting to play their mains and raid. About a month in the guild turns to ghost town in hopes for the next carrot on a stick.

    I’m all for it because I don’t want to go back to Alliance. I want to play Cataclysm like a totally new game. Some will leave for there mains, some will race to end game and leave casuals behind, some will always want something different. I just want something new

  9. For all us males that are over 40 Frosty 2 fingers

  10. I will HAVE to do this to see the Goblin starting zone at least. I may be a late joiner though. I told people I was going to do the Worgen starting zone with them.. and I have like 5 80’s to run up to 85. LOL. hmm.. I suppose I should probably just roll it quick and join.

    I think if it is Goblin it has to be The Something Cartel or some sort. Everything Goblin is like Union, Coalition or Cartel. I liked Bee’s suggestions too.. so like The High Latency Cartel, or the Degenerate Latency Cartel/Coalition… hmmm.. lol.

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