Weekly Lagout

WoW – Well I played a Dirty Warlock last night, and I loved it. The taste of his Cherry Chapstick….Oh wait sorry, ah anywho I was just amazed what a killer he was, I may continue down the path of darkness this weekend, and see where it leads me.

OH yea I’m pissed too, I forgot no more cloth specialization bonus. I’m shadowcloth specced, and now I only make one Ebonweave per try. I am crying bullshit. They just don’t want tailors to make money do they. Thanks Blizz!

Cataclysm Call to Arms: To all my Goblins!

Scary, Bee, Creep, and Me began initial talks of a goblin only guild. Thinking PvP server, cause I definately want our little goblin army to kill things. I will Tanking as a Warrior, Bee said she will make a priest. I am thinking of trying to at least get enough to get 10 mans running.  I think it would be some hot screenshots, and to hear the conversations on our vent. Think people will pay money for that.  I’m Rigid already so if you are interested drop me a line, or let me know. I plan on going balls deep, if we go through with this.

World of Tanks – Nice little game, it’s the type of game you can hop in, do a couple battles, have some fun, and call it a day. It was kicking me out last night alot due to dropped connection so I was a little pissed, but then again it ain’t costing me anything.

High Latency Love –

Cynwise daughter is sick. Much High Latency Love to you, and your daughter, and hope she gets better quickly.

 Jong is allowing me to wear the pants now, so much love to him for that.

I’m giving some love to the Murloc Parliament, why simple because I love them. Much HLL to you guys.

Something Funny….

With that…..


14 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Thanks, man! I appreciate the good thoughts towards my daughter.

    Now, I don’t have to roll a mage in response to your warlockery, do I? I tend to delete mages pretty quickly.

    • Are you a masochist? Do you like recieving tells from strangers begging for portals? Then by all means roll a mage.

      Other than that just leave a comment, and let us know how your daughter is later in the weekend.

  2. Tell me the server and let’s roll dude.

  3. Can Goblins be Paladins? Another question what can goblins be?

  4. […] Ok so safe to say I doubt that the e-mail is valid, but it got Mom to re-sub and I’m thinking about re-subbing again too. I’m just not sure if I’ll wait until Cataclysm or not. Chances are though I’m looking at going Horde. Rivs over at High Latency Life wants to start up an all Goblin Guild. […]

  5. I would prefer a PvE server. I’m not much of a PvPer

  6. Warlocks are so much fun; I tried them out after playing a Mage. I have to admit I like them more. I love them in PvP. My first level 80 lock is a gnome named Deimonia. I’ve had good times with her. Before taking a break, I made a Blood Elf Warlock. I think she’s in her 30’s, when I finally get back into playing I’m hoping to play her. Hopefully I’ll still enjoy playing her. I haven’t checked to see what changes have been made to ‘Locks.

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