Meet My Little Friend

So as you know my disgust for Warlocks runs deep and wide, but I figured in 4.01 to give my baby Warlock a test drive. He was sitting at level 10. So I had my 1 whole talent point refunded to me. So I looked at the talents.

Hello….Felguard for Demonology spec at level 10….Get the Frick out. So I plopped my one point in to Demonology.  Booya.  My awesome new friend. So I let him loose upon the world to crush and destroy. He did just that, I could hardly keep up with him, and sometimes he would kill so fast, I would lose the kill to him thus getting no xp, or loot.

I gained 2 levels in like 10 minutes, with rest, and BOA gear. I shit you not.  Wondering how long it will take him to get to 20. Heck screw quests it might be easier just to grind out levels with this Felguard maniac at my side.

Some other things I’m loving….

1. No more bags full of Soul Shards.

2. No more stupid quests to get my demons.

3. No more wasting gold on stupid demon training.

4. The spell animations look cooler. Drain Soul looks cool now, just not a thin laser line. It looks like I’m really draining the mofo’s soul.

5. I still get a kick out of Felguards sayings. Might not by level 80, wonder if there’s a way to shut them off, and on.

So as my hatred for Warlocks diminishes…..I still feel like I’m cheating on my girlfriend, but damn it….my mage never killed stuff as quick and with such ease. I guess it is easy to be swayed to the dark side….and yes they indeed have cookies.

7 Responses to “Meet My Little Friend”

  1. Welcome to the fold 😀

  2. You’re little friend, eh?

    Does he have long and wavy hair too?


  3. Unfortunately Blizz is going to pass through the spell balancing from 1-80 to prevent just what you’re describing….and oh ya, something QQQQQ in pvp I think ;p

  4. Wait! A Felguard at level 10? WOW! My gnome lock is Affliction and Demonolgy. My BE is Affliction and more Affliction, I guess I should see if they messed my precious spec (Affliction) before I came back to WoW…

    • We have another dot to manage and get to use the succi if she is glyphed.

      Oh and you no longer have to life tap to get the glyphed bonus sp anymore.

      • Koala,

        That’s good news about Locks! WoW is currently downloading.

        I logged on during the download and checked things out. WoW so much has changed since the last I was on in May. I feel lost…

        I’ll hop on this evening, after I done some reading and play around with a few of my toons…

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