World of Tanks

With all the World of Warcraft patch 4.0x stuff going on, I decided to take a break, and try something different. Alot of ex-guildies of mine are trying this game, and thought what the hell…it’s in beta, and it’s free.

It’s not really an MMO per se, but it’s quite addicting once you start going with it. I think of it more like a Counter Strike with Tanks, and more RPG elements to it in terms of upgrading. Also alot of Chatting options as well.  

Ok here’s the concept, you have a bunch of different tanks, light, medium, heavy, some Tank Destroyers, and some Artillery. You have a map, and you just blow the crap out of each other.  Not Rocket Science.

Simple in concept, but once I start going with it there is some pretty neat stuff to it. You can buy tanks, research upgrades, swap out your crew. There is ALOT of choices when upgrading your tanks, and what tanks to buy.

The Graphics are pretty sharp, and crisp. The physics were realistic, the sound, and  music was good too. Lag wasn’t bad at all even when there was as many as 8-10 tanks near me, I had no issues what so ever.

Overall it’s a fun little game, it’s not going to be replacing World of Warcraft, or Guild Wars, if you just want to blow shit up, and have a little fun then it’s worth a shot. Oh and it’s in beta, and it’s free…so the price can’t be beat.

7 Responses to “World of Tanks”

  1. Wow, that sounds super cool. I’m going to sign up for the beta now. I can’t believe I missed this game. I love tank games. Remember Panzer? This is a must play. Thanks for the info

  2. Scarybooster brings up great point. This game has fallen under the radar, but it is a really fun game to play. I’ve been in the beta for several months and I’ve had the time of my life. I even cancelled my WoW and WAR subscriptions to dedicate more time to WoT. I never thought of myself as a “war” gamer, but this game is totally fun. The best way to learn about it is to go to Massively. They have had numerous articles about the game. If you haven’t applied for the beta, you should do it now.

  3. Tanks? …….


    • I bet if it was World of My Pretty Ponies you’d be all on board. 😛

      • I randomly met some guy doing the Halloween quests in Hellfire Pennisula last night. He was telling me all about how excited he was with Fable 3 coming out. I asked what that was and got like the entire trailer for the video game laid out for me in purple chat.

        *double snore*

        If the game doesn’t have dragons in it, i’m really not interested.

      • That’s the problem with Randoms, sometimes you think they could be fun….they end up just boring you to death…wait we still talking games…I…nevermind.

  4. Bee,

    The devs are working on zombie tanks BTW so dragons may not be too far off.

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