MMO Idea: Battletech

I was thinking…which is a dangerous thing. You have alot of these awesome IP’s being made into MMO’s, Warhammer, Star Trek,  Star Wars. 

Why not Battletech?

1. You have a Universe rich in Lore. Years of Role Playing Games, Video Games, and Books all add to the mix….there was even a short lived cartoon.

2. You have a Universe filled with drama and strive, with all the different houses, and clans. Tons of opportunity for fighting. There are even mercenaries which would also add cool twists to the game.

3. There’s more than giant Mechs in the Battletech universe, though thats where all the fighting will center around I’m sure. There can be an awesome economy, and crafting involved in the game.

4. Who the hell doesn’t love giant mechs?  If you don’t piss off you wanker…

5. Great Team Dynamics in Battletech that lend themselves to raiding, and instances. Imagine a boss, or a raid where you face, “trash mechs as you traverse a map, until you get to a “boss” mech.


1. Game is rushed, and poorly designed.

2. It doesn’t bring ALL the elements together that make Battletech so awesome (such if they only use 2 factions of it)

3. They concentrate too much on the Mech Combat, though important they leave the other areas go bad such as Avatar combat (aka STO, or Pirates of the Burning Sea)

Bottomline I think this would be an awesome IP to craft an MMO from, and if done right could be a real big seller, but thats the problem it would have to be done RIGHT!  Maybe that new Mechwarrior game will come out soon that there’s a trailer for me to quench my thirst for all things Battletech, and hopefully it doesn’t turn into vaporware.

Tomorrow Bee is here, maybe she will show us her “long and wavy hair”. Ever watch old porn like from the 70’s, Bee?  Well anyway I can’t wait what she has in store for us.

6 Responses to “MMO Idea: Battletech”

  1. Honestly.. Every MMO which is being released should be better done right.

    Buuuut.. especially a Battletech-MMO will surely be a win 😉 There are many opportunities in how the game could work.. Even a two faction BT could work. Just place it at the time when the clans attack the IS.. maybe add a little bit of inner-faction pvp-twist and you could have a nice big brawl.

    Don’t get me excited over a MMO which is not being made/planned now..args 😉 I would surely give that MMO a try…I’m just hoping that not everyone wants to use a Mad Cat or Atlas.. that would be boring.

  2. Sorry i shaved my post… There is a tranny reference though…and i know how much you like trannies. 😉

  3. I am in! Err for Battletech MMO, not the trannies.

  4. shadowwar Says:

    Not battletech, but potentially giant mech-craving satisfying would be this upcoming MMO:

    mmmm… giant robots.

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