My Hair is Flat and Listless.

So I am playing my Pally, and I noticed my Prot spec is slow and boring now thanks to the new system. Rotation is messed up, and really I have total lack of confidence now in my tank.

I decided to play with my duel spec of Retribution. Dear god not much better, and I noticed my hair. For a Ret Pally it needs to be longer, and more fuller. If there’s one thing I learned from the Superflyretpally Jong is that anyone can DPS, but not every can look good while doing it.

Speaking of Jong, he’s gone missing. I checked all the Salons in Silvermoon City to see if he’s there getting a special herbal treatment. I checked all the Spas in Orgrimmar to check to see if he’s getting a seaweed wrap. I was going to go to Thunder Bluff, but let’s face it those cows look like….well cows.

So if you seen our friend Jong tell him we need some Ret Pally tips, and some hair tips as well. Meanwhile my pally is having uber bad hair days, and that makes her a real bitch.

10 Responses to “My Hair is Flat and Listless.”

  1. Here’s some tips for you…..


    *scared* I don’t even know what they are doing to me, but it hurts really bad.

    • Also, as far as your hair is concerned:

      Wonderful stuff. I have really thick and long wavy hair. I have never found anything that is so lightweight and also takes care of flyaways. It can be put on your hair whether wet or dry.


    • @ Bee.
      Having took my ret paladin out for a spin pvp wise you really need to stay away when they pop their wings. Hammer of Wrath is available and crits up to 15k haha thats regardless of whether or not you are full health.

      Pve wise I still think the mechanics suck, far too much reliance on procs imo

  2. Legolas4Life Says:

    So, your paly is a girl. Aren’t you the same douche who constantly chided me about my former paly’s gender?

    • Yes I was that douche, but ALL you had was girl toons. I found it odd. I still find you odd, but I’m more use to you now

      Don’t make me pay 10 bucks to change my Paly’s name to Ysux.

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