Weekly Lagout

WoW – Man, Patch 4.01 is out, and things are in upheaval. The Mage Class for the most part isn’t that bad. Arcane seems like right on track. The Paladin Class…whoa…just whoa. I got to figure out how to reforge stuff, even if I can. Got to look over my gems, and enchants see if I need tweaking. To the Elitist Jerks site for some number crunching. Also got to download updated addons, and enable them. Lots to do…lots to do.

Other Games – I asked for a Beta Invite for World of Tanks, I didn’t get in yet. Which sucks alot of my ex-guildies are playing, and they are sounding like they are having fun. Still looking for a cheap Force Unleashed:Sith Edition to get into the mood of playing Force Unleashed 2, but I refuse to pay 30 dollars for that old a game (The price on Steam, and at Gamestop).

High Latency Love –

Gazimoff made a great guide for the new patch…Check it out.

Krizzly gives some Frost love with his guide too.

Show my mage friends some love….

I gotta give some love to EAlouse, and his post. Love him/her, or hate him/her. I feel for EAlouse losing their job, and I understand where the anger comes from, but one thing is for sure. It’s an interesting read none the less. Check it out.

Something Funny….

Smell Like a Monster…

With that….


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I got a question: can Tauren be Pallies yet? Please say no or I’ll get the itch for the WoW Drugs

  2. krizzlybear Says:

    nope. not until either the expansion, or quite possibly the pre-expansion patch.

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