It’s a Mage Life for Me.

Well I’ll be concentrating on my main the Mage for a bit. I ran a few heroics to get a feel of things.

Things I noticed….

1.All my Spellpower Gems are now Intellect. All my Gear has way more Intellect on it. I still have some Spellpower stuff.

2.We No Longer Get Hit Bonus from Talents – So we need to up our Hit as Arcane Mages now.

3.The Numbers I was tossing out as Arcane, and also Frost seem real comparable to what I was tossing out before. Though Recount was turned off. I will have to turn that on tonight.

4.As Arcane Mage we no longer have Icy Veins. Potion of Speed is now my new mini Icy Veins.

5.No longer need Power Auras, the Game does that for you now.

6.Arcane Explosion is once again very spammable, and with talent to reduce threat not a bad way to AOE.

7. I wasn’t running into too much mana problems as long as I was running Mage Armor.

8. My Arcane Build is pretty much all Arcane with 5 points in Fire, 3 in Burning Soul for pushback avoidance, and 2 in the talent in fire that gives mana back.  

Overall I think the Mage is going to be ok, with a few tweaks here, and there he will be back to a top notch killer status toot sweet.

As for the Pally…well that toon is going to have to wait a bit.

3 Responses to “It’s a Mage Life for Me.”

  1. My ret paladin is in cold storage for the foreseeable future. I appreciate blizzard mixing it up to make it more interesting however the holy power system just doesnt do it for me. I feel like im playing a badly designed rogue in plate but never get enough time to fire off a finisher.

    The good news is i had a spin on my low level unholy death knight and had a blast….. Leveling him should tide me over till i can roll a rogue come cataclysm.

  2. I thought ret pallys were dead, but I saw, with my own priestly eyes a ret pally with insane top damage, go 16-0 in a very hard fought WSG battle yesterday. Obviously this had to be someone that was playing Beta and had had sufficent time to become familar with the new mechanics, but I was honestly blow away everytime he murdered me in cold blood.

  3. yeah pvp wise i also did ok mainly because the holy power aspect is easier to build in pvp than pve especially with the higher health pools of toons it ironically suits ret paladins for the player to survive a few hits from both them and others so they can fire off a heavy hittin finisher.

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