Thought I was prepared for this patch.

I was sadly mistaken.  I never, ever thought I would say this but,

I don’t like playing my priest right now. 

It makes me sad.  I had to force myself to run an instance last night to practice.  Did I get a nice kooshy instance like Azjol-Nerub?  No, of course not.  I ended up queueing in to a partly-completed, pet-on-aggressive-Huntard mess of a group in Halls of Reflection.  We wiped once (due to said Huntard) – but it was not my fault.

I did get a compliment on my pretty wings 🙂 

Picture stolen 🙂 Since I forgot to send myself a screenshot this morning.

I feel like I’m starting to get a grasp on how this new heal/Smite/heal/Smite/heal/heal/Smite/Smite business works for Disc Priest healing.  With practice I think I’ll be back to my old self in regards to raid healing.  My bubbles are comin’ out kinda slow though, which is messing with my rotations.  I may try to do a bit of reforging of some of my Spirit to Haste/Mastery to correct this.  I have already regemmed for some Haste, which was somewhat helpful, but I’m still missing my old Borrowed Time.
So PVE is ok, and getting a bit better but ….. PVP.
I let a DK beat me in a duel.  And then…. a Warlock.  It’s difficult for me to prioritize.  Smite (even how I have it specced to cast faster), is still difficult to cast on a moving target.  I’m really not sure what to do.  Against the Warlock I ended up killing her Succubus with Smite and Holy Fire and beat her on a second try (since that dirty Succubus actually stays LOS).  I can see how an Evangelism spec with Archangel could be really good for BG’s.  A place where I can try to blend in in the background and get my smites off properly.  In a duel though?  It’s just not working.  I may have to consider a different spec all together.  The biggest thing I miss? Desperate Prayer.  I love it… fuck, I’m desperate for it.  I just don’t have enough talent points to get it yet. 
On a brighter note, my Frost Mage is putting up some insane DPS at level 49.  I got a whole bunch of new spells (welcome, my little Water Elemental) – and lost a few too (so, I can’t port to Stonard til 52 now?) Anyways…. Really it is very fun.  I love Ice Lance, I love the animations… honestly I am loving everything about my Mage right now. 

16 Responses to “WTF.”

  1. I must also add that the loss of improved Mana Burn is really going to hurt me when it comes to PVP one-on-ones against casters.

  2. I logged into the patch. My beautiful Arcane build is no more. Frost is still awesome.

    Then I looked at my Pally, and just got a headache.

  3. I feel the same about my hunter. I felt super prepared. I studied the new specs, rotations, glyphs etc…I was not prepared however for how it would actually handle…and I hate it…I hate the focus…I hate it so much I refuse to play her…my main… /ugh

    • I have a hunter sitting at 75 that I’ve been seriously considering taking off the shelf, dusting off and trying out.

      The only benefit I may run into is that I would be so rusty on her that learning the focus cooldowns might be easier.

  4. I refused to play my discipline priest in PvP and went shadow instead. I have horrible haste and probably a bad spec anyways, and wouldn’t be able to even get a smite off, judging from how shadow PvP went.

    I’m a mess right now, with all my characters!

    (I agree on the wings, love them aswell)

    • I have never played shadow at end-level. I’m sure it would be even worse. 😦

      I have been considering trying a holy build for pvp? Has anyone tried this?

  5. I hated my pally when I first logged in.. I also lost my wings.. until level 72! wtf! I had da wings now I dont? And the wings are supposed to make me do awesome stuff with my killer finishing move! I am kinda liking ret pally now though.. I have to slow down a little.. not just spam stuff every 2 seconds.. I need to do stuff like “Am I taking damage? Oh shit too much.. oh use my holy points to heal.. ok.. I am ok.. Hit my TV! I really like the Holy Power heal a lot… and I am starting to like killing things again.

    • I found this to be similar on my mage…

      Where is my intellect buff? I went to click my blizzard hotkey in an instance and now realize I don’t get the spell until 50. A bit frustrating.

      Some of my favorite things?
      -It is nice that you can look right in your spellbook and see what’s available at what level.
      -You can train all portals from any portal trainer
      -THE ANIMATIONS.. love love love.

      • I am on the fence about the spell book thing.. I do kindaaa like it… and I know you can check out the interwebs to find out what spells a mage can get when and where… but when I first started I liked the surprise of these new things popping up.. OMG! I got an ice lance now! What does that do! Or what not… It was kind of fun to discover your powers as you went… not hugely dissapointed though.

  6. I’m digging the new Mage setup as well. I was Frost spec before, but I really like the way it plays now. Sorry to hear about your priest. I was planning on rolling one, so perhaps now would be a good time to start and get a feel for it.

  7. I just flat-out refuse to smite, and took a non-smite disc spec. I’m far happier that way.

    • I think I may try this out today. I’m gonna keep forging ahead with the smite spec in PVE, but I’m gonna make some changes to PVP – make it more of a supporting role spec than a killer spec.

  8. I have no idea what any of you are talking about and I have no interest in it… Oh jeez I’m getting that itch… Shut up people… Lalalalalalalala!

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