Patch Day Blues

Ahhh a New Pre Expansion Patch is now upon us.  Tons of changes for every class. As I am sure everyone is chomping at the bit to try it out. Lets be realistic. In the 5+ Years of WoW, I don’t think one Patch has gone smoothly 100%, and lets face it this is a whopper of a one.

So what to expect….

1. Downloading Bullshit – from taking for ever, to general problems like errors. I remember one patch I had to install in safe mode.

2. Lag – Once you downloaded the patch, and you’re lucky enough to get in. You my friend are in for a lagfest of mountainous proportions….enjoy.

3. Add-ons Broken – All those cool Add-ons you use to help you play, yep their probably broke.

4. Chaos– Millions of people trying to relearn their classes at the same time, yeah thats going to be a fun time.

5. Broke-ass shit – Well once you get going you can be sure of one thing, Servers going down, or rebooting, or just plain sucking in general. Errors, and broke shit everywhere. Oh and don’t forget the ever famous Extended Maintenance.

So that’s what we have to look forward to tonight, Me I learned my lesson I’m going to watch a movie tonight, and maybe log in tomorrow. It still amazes me though after 5 years this process doesn’t go a tad bit smoother…Maybe next patch will go smoother…..

And Maybe I’ll start dating Felicia Day. by the way through twitter I found out her main is a Warlock….I forgive you my love….I’ll help you level a mage.

11 Responses to “Patch Day Blues”

  1. Have you seen her on the webseries The Guild?

    I watched a few episodes of it, it wasn’t the best ever, but not the worst either.

  2. You could possibly add:

    6. Incessant Trade Chat Whining: “OMG Blizz you suck! YOu broke my class!” “is cata out?” “where do I get flying in org?” “wtf there’s a 2 line limit for trade chat now, no more spammers!” etc etc

  3. There was a queue for the training dummies tonite. I has much ❤ for The Guild.

  4. I swear to God, you’ve used this image before.

    • Probably have, I can’t use the pictures I took in my white van outside Felicia’s window. Now can I?

      • shadowwar Says:

        I don’t see why not? The bathrobe covers her just fine, and adds to that great “all nautral” look.

  5. Funny post and so true!
    I advice trying out the dummies at Exodar, the place is nice and pretty empty, even on days like these.

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