My Hate Makes Me Powerful

A couple posts around the blogosphere about hating on new players, or just ones who act noobish.  Let me explain my stance to you all. If you don’t take the time to at least put a half assed effort into your toon, whatever you are playing. I am going to make fun of you, and ridicule you.

Elitist attitude? I don’t think so. Sure I don’t know everything, and my toon isn’t the best out there, but damn it I make an effort to gem correctly, the correct enchants, glyphed correctly. Even if you are not correctly gemmed I won’t go into seizures of hate.

For example I go into a random 5 man heroic with a guildie, and there is this warrior with NO gems at all…none, nada, zilch. I go into a tirade on Vent. Then when the warrior starts stinking things up, and generally sucking my tirade spills over into chat. Now of course I am called an asshole, and he leaves.

Not saying that I am mean, just to be mean, if we’re just standing around Orgrimmar, and you have a question, I will freely answer it. I will go out of the way to help a noob as long as that noob isn’t in the same raid/heroic as I am. In that case you’re going to be put on blast by me because I feel if you are doing 80 heroics you should have some basic understanding of this game, and your class. I don’t feel that is unreasonable.  

So if you want to be a carebear, and hug it out with the gemless, enchantless noobs by all means more power to you. Not me if you are going to waste my time, and the time of my fellow players that do put effort into this game, your going to get my mages slipper up your arse!

7 Responses to “My Hate Makes Me Powerful”

  1. xXJayeDuBXx Says:

    Oh my, no gems or enchants, what is this world coming to. What was that guy thinking, doesn’t he know that you can’t enjoy let alone play the game without those? How dare that noob not read the memo that states all players have to have gems and enchants, he obviously doesn’t know he’s playing his class wrong and not living to the elitist standards that have been set!

    • Your sarcasm is delicious. Though the gemming/enchanting I would forgive if he broke 1.5k dps. Sucking, and not putting effort into your toon is unexcusable in my book. Have some pride for crying out loud.

  2. Littlebear Says:

    For me, the difference has always been about the “teachable” vs. the ones Gevlon calls “M&S.” Someone who simply doesnt know, but will put in the effort, IF DIRECTED, is fine by me.

    Case in point:

    I have a hunter in my guild, who asked for help. i spent an hour pouring over his setup, and gave him a detailed list on what to do to improve. The next week, no change. He had leveled his DK instead.

  3. To me there are two different types of Noobs. The first type, the genuinely new players who really don’t know how to get the best out of their class don’t annoy me so much (as long as they are willing to take pointers and actively want to become a better player, if not the become the second type of noob).

    The second type are the players who should, and maybe even do know better, and still don’t do anything about it. The type you give a little friendly advice and they respond by swearing at you. They end up being carried by the rest of the group, and if you point this out they get shirty about it.

  4. I was running some randoms on my mage alt yesterday and got in a group with a hunter who was the most terrible “helper” of new players ever. We were running Sunken Temple and one group of mobs had a shadow priest caster. I started out trying to Counterspell her shadow bolts, which just caused the mob to start casting holy spells (Heal and renew). The next group of mobs I attempted to sheep the caster, to which the hunter would either mistakenly hit with Volley or he would actually target the mob and send his gorilla pet. On the 3rd set of mobs, I said fuck it and just focused the caster and killed her as fast as possible. I figured shadowbolts were much less devastating then renew or flash heal (which only appeared to be cast when her health was getting low). After the 3rd set I see the hunter say in party chat. “Mage CS the caster FFS!”

    I figured he just misspelled CC as I had been doing CS. I explained that I tried to polymorph but that the mob kept taking damage. He then said not CC COUNTERSPELL!!. That’s when I lost it on him. I told him to take a look at the combat logs and that I had been casting it. He said “well the mob just keeps casting.” To which I explained that CS only works on one school of magic (so stopping a shadowbolt doesn’t stop holy spells) and that it has a 24 sec cooldown at my level. I then inquired as to why he was using a tanking pet in an instance which his excuse was pure laziness.

    Seriously, don’t fuck with me. I know I’m new at magery, but I’m not a complete idiot. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR DOING BEFORE OFFERING ADVICE 🙂

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