Weekly Lagout

WoW – GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! errr I mean good news for mages…finally, plus I’m looking at the changes and looks like are damage coeffecients are all getting boosted through the roof as well. As we draw nearer to Cataclysm I could feel the excitement build. December 7th…I feel a cold coming already for December 8th. LOL!

WAR – I got some 14 day free offer, I might just take them up on it. You can’t beat Free.

Minecraft – FUCK YOU, and YOUR SHITTY GRAPHICS! that is all.

High Latency Love –

First off I want to thank Bee for holding up the fort a bit while I was on my death bed (ok a little melodramatic) So much love to her as always.

Also show some HLL to the Scarybooster, he’s under the delusion I am tied to his views per day or something, God if his count goes down when I’m sick….I sure hope I don’t die.

I want to give some love to Gevlon, the Greedy Goblin. I always read him, and he has some interesting things to say. This post though had me thinking, and I’ll post some thoughts on it next week.

Something Funny….

Runzwithfire a mage on the Mana Obscura forums made a new machinima…Show some High Latency Love. In the Video theres some famous magely bloggers see if you can spot them.  Know Rivz though…maybe next one.

PC vs Mac

With that….


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Thank you for the machinima love dude 🙂

    Rest assured I will be sneaking all our favourite mages into my machinima at some stage or another; mage bloggers need love!!!!

  2. I think you just hit refresh over and over to be funny. Nobody clicks on links, it is the funny guys like you that have refresh bots. Thanks for the link and try not to dip your dong in a $2 hooker again.

  3. #1.) I’m totally loving my mage alt. She’s almost 44 and should be even farther by then end of this long weekend. My next post will most likely deal exclusively with her and how awesome she is.

    #2.) I have taken vacation days dec 7-8-9. I had 3 days left and was just waiting to hear when Cataclysm was coming out so I could finalize them. Are we gonna be able to get it on Midnight at like Walmart or something??

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