The Portal Money Train is Back!

Happy Days are Here Again My Mage Brethren….I read and it’s been confirmed by my magely beta testing friends that they will be removing portals from Shattrah, and Dalaran. What does this mean….that’s right GOLD! It will be raining gold from the heavens now. 10g a portal.  (15g if I’m being really a jerk)

That’s the new hotness right there.

Also I saw this in Build 13033..

For Druids…According to the tooltips, Swift Flight Form, Flight Form, Aquatic Form, Travel Form, Bear Form, Cat Form no longer make you immune to Polymorph.

BOUT FRICKING TIME. I might be visiting Warsong Gulch a little more now.

2 Responses to “The Portal Money Train is Back!”

  1. ladyerinia Says:

    Ugh! NOT looking forward to the lack of portals! Getting around it going to really, really suck.

    Sure Blizzard, listen to the players on stupid things, but not on the convenient things like Portals. *cry*

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