Take me to your (raid) leader.

I like mine with 2 creams, 2 sugars and Kingslayer titles.

Oh, and when you get there, you can be certain that your raid leader is not me.  I have never been a raid leader/loot master/dictator.  I have no desire to do so. 

In my RL I like to take the lead.  In college, I always found myself naturally taking the lead on group projects, organizing group outings and social activities – I was even elected and served as president of my sorority (Kaydee, Baby!).  At work I am the first to volunteer to help with new projects and coach other associates.

The only other active guild member that is playing right now is our Guild Leader’s 16-year-old cousin.  As of this weekend he had a GS of around 5500 but did not have an ICC achievement yet.  I promised him that I would get us both invited so he wouldn’t have to worry about showing his achieve, I could just show mine.  He then says “Why don’t we just start our own?”  I literally cringed at the thought.  I responded, “I don’t start raids, I join them.”  So what is it about WoW that makes me a follower rather than the leader I know I can be?

1.) Playtime.  When I am home and playing WoW, it is my time to rest and relax.  Raid leaders get stressed.  I know because I’ve been in plenty of pugs and guild runs with stressed out people.  I like to look at the loot, decide if I need it and spend my time either bidding or hitting /roll.  I’m here to heal and get gold/loots, that’s it. (oh, and have fun too.)

2.) Never Been Kissed Burned. I could see how a really bad experience with loot being ninja-ed from me could make me want to just start running raids on my own.  One of the reasons I ran for president of my sorority is because I didn’t think things within the house were being managed properly and I felt as though I was the best candidate to turn it around and make things better.  I ran unopposed (as many shared my point-of-view).  Let’s just say I have a pretty strong internal locus of control.  For now though, I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to loot and the proper distribution thereof when I join raids.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

3.) Knowledge. I still consider myself to be a noob about many things in WoW.  I feel like I know the priest class pretty well.  I feel confident in my abilites.  Other classes, though?  I seriously have no idea.  I could tell you if I did something and messed up and caused a wipe.  But if it wasn’t my fault?  Sometimes I have no idea what went wrong.  I think a good raid leader should be able to look at logs and see what went wrong.  They should be able to coach those in the raid as to what they did wrong and how they can fix it. 

Oh, and one last thing – terribly unrelated to this post but….

12-7-10, BABY! 🙂

3 Responses to “Take me to your (raid) leader.”

  1. Sensible reasons not to raid lead – I’ve been doing it for most of the past year and yep, it’s stressful!

    Just as an aside (and feel free not to answer this/feel free to correct me) but I guess you’re more often in PUGs than regular runs, as you say you’ve generally not had any bad luck with leaders and loot. How do you feel about working with different raid leaders regularly instead of getting used to how one regular leader works?

    • Well, my raiding experience all started with my guild. We have a rogue who is a fabulous loot master and raid leader. When you are all friends, it makes things easier.

      Now, the majority of my guild members have unsubscribed or have just been absent lately. (Most of them planning to come back for cataclysm). This means I have been forced to pug. What I attempt to do is join GDKP runs. These usually are well organized and people are there for the long-haul cause they want the money. Also, if you are running a GDKP I assume you know what you are doing. For the most part I’ve been very pleased with the raid leaders I’ve met doing these types of runs.

      However, I think if I chose to join:

      [2. Trade] [PWNDEMNOOBDKZ:] LF11M ICC25 2 tanks, 4 heals, rest DPS on Gunship, DBW on reserve.

      It would be a completely different situation all together. 🙂

  2. I never was a Raid Leader, cause as a mage I’m just here to blow shit up. Though one of the best Raid Leaders I ever had the priveledge to play with was back in Vanilla, a Hunter named Preventer on Thunderlord. God he ran 40 man raids like he was running a sunday stroll. That took talent, and skill.

    Ahhhh the good ole days of WoW.

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