Bring the Player, Not the Class

Or as I like to think of it is as a bunch of homogenized vanilla crap.  Alot of people like the idea of having several choices when it comes to what class to bring on a raid. For example the Time Stop ability mages will be aquiring is not unlike Bloodlust/Heroism of Shamans.

Here’s my problem with this way of thinking….

1. I chose a class first, a role second – I chose the Mage not because it was supposed to be a ranged high damage dealer. I chose being a mage because I do like the Lore of it, the feel of it. Sure we have role’s in our class whether they are tank, healer, dps. Maybe you’re one of the min/max people I heard of, not me. For example in WAR Online, I chose to play a Chosen class. Not because he was a tank, but that is my role, and I did it well ( I believe), but because he looked bad ass.

2. Balancing for PvE does not always make for good balancing for PvP – WoW PvP has always been an elaborate game of paper/rock/scissors…well until Death Knights came…the it was paper/rock/scissors/shotgun. It seems a WHOLE lot of tweaking has been going into PvE, I’m just curious as to how will this affect the PvP game.

3. I like to be needed – I use to like the fact when they said we need a mage, even though it was for the lamest of excuses water, or portals it was still cool to be needed. Those days are long gone. People saying Time Stop will change that, will it? I am not so sure about that.

6 Responses to “Bring the Player, Not the Class”

  1. Well with all the CC that will be needed in the new dungeons, your sheeping ability will be needed.

    Happy? 😉

  2. Not to forget portals. Have you heard that all the portals in Shat and Dalaran are being removed?

  3. Just take a bunch of Warlocks; they’re better than Mages, anyway. 😀

    (I figure this is akin to saying “Voldemort”; I suspect Rivs-rage in under 30 minutes.)

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