Stalking, and a crazy puggin’ fool.

I have a friend that is kind to a fault.  She always sees the best in everyone and goes above and beyond for all of the people in her life.  This makes her an excellent friend, but she often falls victim to users and assholes.

She was seeing this guy for a few weeks when all the sudden he stopped returning her texts and phone calls.  Most people in her situation would get angry or be sad at the realization that they were being blown off – oh, but not her.  Instead she called this guys friends, called his mother and when that resulted in no information on his where-a-bouts she contacted all of the local hospitals to make sure he hadn’t been admitted.  O_O

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Riv in like 4 days.  I emailed him yesterday and got a response back.  If only I was a bit more like my friend.

Riv came down with an infection on his birthday and they admitted him to the hospital to get some antibiotics and fluids.  He is recovering nicely and should be released in the next few days.  He sends his love, snuggles and well-wishes**

**he may have not actually said that.

In the meantime, I shall regale you with some recent party chat from one of the finest Puggers I have ever had the pleasure to Pug with.  I recently started leveling up a mage (she’s 37 now) to see what all the fuss is about.  Things I love thus far:

  1. Not having to worry about anyone else but myself and my dps.
  2. sheeping things.
  3. sheeping things.
  4. Evocation.
  5. sheeping things.

Although I usually love to level by joining Battlegrounds, and even though I’ve found Frost to be pretty fun in WSG, I find myself having a lot of trouble staying alive.  It may just be the nature of the beast, but I really need someone to come be my pocket healer.  I think once I hit level 40 and I’m able to dual spec I can more suit my Frost talents and glyphs for PVP.  I’m sure it will make things more tolerable.

Anyways, back to the chat I promised.  Every once in a while you find a gem using the LFG tool as you will see here in the baby-blue colored musings of my assigned tank.

May I present to you, the bat-shit craziest thing I’ve ever seen in party chat:

um, wtf?

See babyblue is asking the right questions...

We finish with the dungeon, and he’s not about to let “her” off the hook just yet…

It's like he read my mind....

Hope we are invited to the wedding!!!

I ended up running 4 more dungeons with this tank, leveled 2 times… really it was wonderful.  I would have just been happy if the he had been able to reasonably hold aggro.

Thank you random tank… may LFG help us to meet again.

6 Responses to “Stalking, and a crazy puggin’ fool.”

  1. ladyerinia Says:


    Nice. “Yeah honey, sure I’ll marry you, but I gotta finish this instance and get my frost badges.”

    • It would almost be better if it were for frost badges. It was a Scarlet Monestary Library run – for a Satchel of Goods… which usually yields some piece of gear you already have or with stats you could never use.

  2. I am alive, and will be back Monday!

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