Weekly Lagout

WoW- Well some fun raiding, ZG farming a couple of things cool happened to me yesterday. I was going to farm ZG, before I got invited to the Raid, while I was waiting I heard the Arena guy scream, so I thought I would mosey down there, and I saw a Horde Guild fighting amongst each other in the Arena. I thought it was awesome, and it brought me back to the Vanilla days.

Just a Note on the New Mobile Armory, Trying the 3D viewer on a 3G doesn’t seem to be working right, flickers alot. Also I am looking forward to Guild Chat on Mobile Armory.

WAR – I’m getting a hankering for it, but I don’t know. Will I reup only to quit again in a month or so, and with Cataclysm so close why bother. I’ll make final decision probably after the weekend…

Minecraft- Screw your Minecraft. Digging holes….please. I’d rather play SimAnt. The Graphics were better in Simant.

High Latency Love –

So we got a couple new blogs joining my HUGE blogroll. 

Read Between the Lines joins the list. I was near ZG last night, and I came across 3 frozen corpse near a tree, in the middle of nowhere. I thought it was odd. There’s alot of cool things in WoW, that even after playing this game for 6 years I go “whoa”…This Post by RBTL really sums up some things about WoW I like.

Discplinary Action is running a contest, and hope she picks me. Every story needs a villain, and what better than me as a Forsaken Mage. 🙂

Not enough decent DK’s in the world, here’s one I found. Moments in the Life of a Death Knight.

Something Funny….

Thanks to Syp from Bio Break he Twitted an Empire How it Should of Ended, but here’s the Predator one, since I’m a fan of Predator.

With that…..Wait I guess I can tell you. This Sunday it marks the yearly anniversary of me crawling out of my Mother’s vagina. So Monday I probably won’t be around due to I’m in jail, or in the hospital getting my stomach pumped. How old will I be, that’s simple I’ll be  13,870 days old on Sunday. I accept only sexual favors, and/or WoW gold as gifts. Thank you….

Now with that….


13 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Ha, thanks for the shout-out! But it’s all down to Lady RNG- I hope you’ve been saying your prayers to her nightly.

  2. Happy birthday and don’t forget to rock out with your cock out!

  3. Hey, thanks for putting me up there.

    I’ve also seen those 3 frozen corpses, they are completely random, and I have no idea why they are there.

    Making a list of 10 creepy things was hard though, there’s actually many more if you start digging a little!

  4. Nice one, have a great birthday mate 🙂

    Loved the predator cartoon, thats my halloween costume this year 😉

  5. Oh wow! Thanks for the link! *preens* Thanks for compliment darlin’.

    I must admit that your blog rocks.

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